How To Start Gym Business

how to start gym business for the first time


Are you passionate about fitness that’s great because this passion can also help you to earn money? Starting a business is not an easy task especially Gym. It is essential to collect all the necessary information at first and that is the first step to HOW TO START GYM BUSINESS. After the lockdown due to the corona pandemic, several people have lost their shape and are searching for the best fitness center to keep them fit and so if you start this gym business now you will surely get lots of customers. The commercial gym set up cost in India may start from 1 lacks rupees.

Steps to how to Start gym Business in India

#1 Find a Suitable Place for Opening a Gym

The success of the gym is mainly dependent on the location and area you choose to launch your gym and it is one of the crucial steps to obtain profit in gym business in India. It is good to open your gym near commercial and residential area where you can find customers easily and your place should have proper parking space for your customers.

#2 Have an Effective Gym Business Plan

If you have the seed investment for funding your Gym you may not have any problem. But if you are planning to take a loan for this business you have to show them that you have a great business plan that will help you for your loan to approve.

#3 Hire Good Trainers

If you are not capable enough to train your customers you can consider hiring such trainers who have certifications like-

  • GFFI (Gold Gym Fitness Institute)
  • BFY Sports & Fitness
  • CBT (Certified Bodybuilding & Personal Trainer)
  • IAFT (Indian Academy of the Fitness Training)


#5 Purchase the Right types of equipment

The success of the gym relies on what machines you offer to your customers that make your gym a profitable business. The quality of machines should also be best you can search on the internet to learn about some good brands that manufacture such machines and their standard price may lie between 30-60 thousand rupees. Some common work-out machines that a good gym should have been

 Chest fly machine, Chest press machine, Lat pull-down machine, Shoulder press machine, Biceps curl bench, Cable row machine, Triceps extension bar, Leg extension machine, Leg press machine, Abdominal crunch machine, Abduction and adduction machines, Back extension machine, Smith machine, Cable tower, Barbells rods, Bench press, Incline bench press, hammer strength machine, Cables and pulleys, Pull up bar, Dumbbells, Leg curl machine, Hyperextension bench, Dippings bars, Preachers bench, Hack squat machine, Calf machine, Kettlebells, Wallball, Stability balls, Foam roller, Weight plates, Weight lifting equipment, gloves, weight lifting belts, wrist straps, Wraps, cardio treadmill, Rowing machine, Stair mill, Airdyn, Spine bikes, Skierg items, Elliptical, Jacobs ladder, Arc trainer, etc. 

Other Necessary Steps Regarding HOW TO START GYM BUSINESS-

  • Obtain the necessary license
  • Keep the interior fresh and attractive
  • Regularly give discount offers
  • Try both sorts of marketing online and offline
  • Keep the maintenance of the gym up to the mark

So these were all the necessary steps to how to Start gym Business in India. Keeping all the above things in your mind you can make your business successful and will make your business long-lasting and profitable.