Dairy Farm Business Plan In India

Dairy Farm Business Plan In India


An Ultimate Guide to How to Start Dairy Farm Business Plan in India

Many of us know that India is at the top of producing quality milk than the other countries. So friends, if you want to start a dairy farm business plan, you will surely earn tons of money in this business without any risk as milk demand in India will never decrease. Today we will learn about a dairy business plan and how to start this business and what are the factors that important to make this business more profitable.

Advantages of Milk Business:

It is quite an advantageous business and easy to start with less capital. You have to learn just some simple concepts to master this business. All you have to do is to learn the art of recognizing breeds of cows, how to take care of them, where you can get potential customers to buy the milk. Other than a cow farm business plan you can also start a buffalo farm business plan, goat, or camel. All the animals are easy to keep and maintain and each one of them product certain specific quality of milk. You can sell such milk to companies who are involved in making sweets, buttermilk, ice-cream, chocolates, etc easily in the wholesale market. You can even sell them in the homes of your city. 

Some Essential Tips to Dairy Farm Business Plan:

  • Start the farm with quality breeds of cattle that are known for good milk production
  • As your business will be totally dependent on milking of the cow follow a good milk extraction technique
  • To have a healthy cattle feeding and grooming of the cattle should be excellent
  • You will need a good infrastructure for running a milk dairy business plan.
  • You have to learn some basic knowledge of this farming before beginning this business
  • Monitor the health of the cattle regularly
  • Ask a vet to make a regular visit on your farm to ensure better health and vaccination needs for cattle
  • Choose a place that has a good environment so that your cattle are not under stress. It is better to choose a place outside the city.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the farm and shades.

Shelter for milk dairy business plan:

As we know that cattle are large in size and so they require some space to feel comfortable so that they are not under stress. You should know the fact happy and calm cattle produce more milk than stressed cattle. You have to design a shade in such a manner that your cattle have plenty of space to relax and they are protected from rain, sunlight, snowfall, winds, parasites, and humidity. It is better if you try to keep the temperature inside the shed between 18 to 30 degrees because that is considered best for cattle. Temperatures more than 50 are considered as a stress factor to these animals. 

Available breeds of cattle in India:


Milk Capacity per year (in litres)




Popular for producing quality milk



Provides rich quality milk



Long live breed

Brown swiss cattle


Popular for giving milk for cheese production

Swidish red cattle


Long structured breed



Easy to raise



Gives milk with fat content



Gives A-2 quality milk

Milking Shorthorn



Pie Rouge des plaines




Fodder Requirements in dairy farm business plan:

You have to provide proper and nutritious food to the cattle to keep them healthy. There should be a sufficient amount of clean water available for the cattle in the shade. You should strictly follow their eating schedule without fail. You can use oats, bajra, cowpea, pearl millet, jowar, maize, and other green fodders to feed them. By feeding them regularly with a balanced diet you can expect better quality and quantity of milk from them.

Common Diseases:

#1 Tick Infection:

This is one of the common but dangerous diseases that are even common to other domestic animals such as buffaloes, camel, goats, sheep, etc. Ticks such blood from the body of the cattle and gives birth to several skin diseases in cattle along with lower milk production capacity in cattle. Make sure that 1 tick can multiply itself within some days. There are several precautionary measures by which you can control tick in cattle-

  • Keep the shed of the cattle clean and regularly remove waste material from the shade.
  • Spray insecticides and pesticides to get rid of ticks
  • Check each cattle regularly for ticks
  • Never use DDT or BHC for controlling ticks as they are harmful to the cattle.
  • A solution of salt is one of the best ways to eliminate ticks

#2 Oestrus Disease in Cattle

In such type of disease, a cow will 

  • Pass frequent urination
  • Feel Restlessness
  • Stand away from others
  • Gummy mucus
  • Less milk production
  • Reduced diet

If you see any of the above symptoms in your cow contact your vet at the earliest

Milking of the Cows:

As the success of this business depends on milk production you should have good knowledge of milking of the cattle and various instruments available for this purpose. If you follow the wrong practices of milking the cow you may have low production of milk and that can affect the profit of your business. You can follow the following guidelines-

  • Get the training from professionals of any reputed company by this you will gain knowledge of several types of equipment, techniques, and biology of the milk. Similarly, train few workers to work with you.
  • Supervise your farm during milking with mechanized milk extractors as they are machines and they do not have a sense as humans
  • Maintain hygiene during this process clean the milking equipment, and routing, regularly. This also includes cleaning of the cattle

Where You Can Get Loan For Dairy Farm Business Plan

In India, the government provides loans to farmers to begin dairy farming. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) is a specialized bank for such loans. Here farmers can get loans up to 7 lakh and a subsidy of 33% to start a dairy farm business plan in India. Other than this various rural banks and commercial nationalized banks also provide such service. Also, make sure to obtain a license from the legal authorities to start this business.


I hope that now you have complete knowledge of opening a dairy farm business plan in India. If you have any queries regarding this business or want to purchase some raw materials for this business you can contact MyB2B via live chat support.