Small Scale Business With Buyback Agreement

If you are planning to open a business but are afraid of marketing you can opt for such a buyback business. There are several popular types of small-scale business with buyback agreements in which the company readily purchases your finished product and you are safe from marketing worries.


Some Cool Small Scale Business with Buyback Agreement That Will Make You Rich

If you are planning to open a business but are afraid of marketing you can opt for such a buyback business. There are several popular types of small-scale business with buyback agreements in which the company readily purchases your finished product and you are safe from marketing worries. There are many advantages of buyback business such as-

Benefits of Getting into small scale business with buyback agreement in Hyderabad:

  • They provide complete training to develop the products.
  • They provide you with all the necessary machines and raw materials.
  • They inspect your work regularly and teach you the shortcomings.
  • Finally, they purchase all your finished products at their agreement rates.

So now you understand the advantages of such a buyback business. Now let us discuss some cool buyback business ideas.

Paper Cup manufacturing business with buyback agreement-

This is also one of the popular businesses as such disposable cups are always in demand in food courts, street food, hotels, party, functions, and ceremonies. One has to make sure that their product is better than the others for the profitable running of this business. Major concerns in this business are machinery, raw materials, staff, transportation, and finally the marketing strategy. And do not forget to register your business to avoid any law and order problems in the future.

Steps to Open Paper Cup manufacturing business Successfully and Make Huge Profits


Your first step in this business is to purchase an ideal paper cup manufacturing machine to run this business. You should have at least 1000 sq feet of well-crafted floor space to install this machine. You will also need some space to keep raw materials, packaging space, and storage. IT is recommended that this business grows well if one uses semi-automatic machines in small-scale business. The machines include

  • Packing machines
  • Paper cup Counting and printing machine
  • cup forming machine
  • Paper Die-cutting machine

Manufacturing Process:

The process of making paper-cups is not very complex. One can easily master himself only at one round of demonstration. The printed sheets of paper are given design size by cutting them by die-cutting machine. And the paper cup forming machine is for giving the exact shape of the cup to this paper. Make sure to purchase excellent quality waterproof papers. You can also design your custom print work but for this, you have to set up your printing set-up. The process is as follows-

  1. Open the paper roll and cut to board size.
  2. Use printing process on the paper and then use the die machine to cut the paper in desired size.
  3. Form the paper cup by using the forming machine in form of a cup.
  4. Curl the ends to give them a smooth and attractive edge and shape.
  5. Test any sample.
  6. Pack the products in plastic or box and the cups are ready for delivery.

Cell Phone Case Manufacturing Business with Buyback Agreement-

These days everyone has a smartphone and everyone loves to have a bach cover or phone case of their choice. Due to this increasing popularity, it has become one of the best small scale businesses with buyback agreement. Here is a guide to start this business to generate more profits-

Research your local market and try to understand what design, color, and pattern do people generally likes. You have to take care of factors regarding their age and gender too. An adults choice in phone cover will be different from that of a teenage boy or girl. Make sure you understand your market and your target audience. You can prepare mobile back covers for people of all age in a 30:30:30:10% ratios in which-

  • 30%-teenagers boys and girls
  • 30%- men of medium age group
  • 30%-Women of medium age group
  • 10%-simple designs for senior adults

By this, you can cover the entire market easily. These covers can be handmade or machine-made and it depends on which scale you would like to launch your business. Remaining all the process is same as other business such as registration of the company, marketing, etc.

Electronic fan Regulator Manufacturing Business with Buyback Agreement

Electronic fan regulator is one of the important household items. It contains an electronic circuit that controls the speed of the fan as desired. They also act as an energy-saving device and have about 4 to 6 different gears with variable speeds. Functions of the regulator are

  • Provides a stable speed to fan
  • Saves power at all speeds
  • Smaller in weight and size

You can also start this business with a minimum amount of investment. These electronic fan regulators are more durable and good-looking than traditional fan regulators and so there is good hope in becoming fan regulators manufacturers.

Business requirements:

Around 300 sq feet of area is sufficient to operate this business. Even a small-scale business with buyback agreement can produce 6000 units of electronic regulators. You may need around 5 lakhs of investment to start this business at a good level. You will also need some hand tools, a 10 MHz oscilloscope, and multimeters for this business.

Process and Raw Material:

The main operation is to assemble the parts that you have purchased. You have to solder TRIACS, coils, resistors, and capacitors in a pre-designed PCB or circuit board. At last, you have to test your product and mount them inside the plastic body. The raw materials list are-

  • Screws
  • Casing made of plastic material
  • Printed circuit board
  • Potentiometer
  • Coils
  • Resistors
  • Diac-32 V
  • Triac-PT 136

Hand Sanitizers Business with Buyback Agreement

As we know that due to the COVID-19 pandemic the demand for hand sanitizers has increased rapidly and so gives rise to the business opportunity. Starting a hand sanitizer business is easy as we do not need large space or any lab, coolers, heaters, etc. But you have to consider some important points before starting this business-

  • The alcohol content should be greater than 90% so that viruses and germs could be killed.
  • To make such sanitizers distilled water should be used.
  • Use pure glycerin at least 98% purity
  • Should have the remaining ingredients of optimum quality.
  • As per WHO guidelines a hand sanitizer should have essential oil of 8%, aloe vera 1/3, and rubbing alcohol 99%.

Process of Making Hand sanitizers:

Add all the above ingredients and shake well with a neat spoon to obtain a smooth and even mixture. If you feel that your mixture is thin add some more aloe vera to make the required thick. Similarly, if you think that the mixture has extra thickness make it thin by adding alcohol. It is required to make a 2:1 mixture of alcohol and aloe vera for better and effective results as per WHO guidelines.

Safety Precautions:

Wash your hands before the process

Spoon, containers, etc should be neat and washed before use.

You should start the process in a dust-free and clean place.

Do not touch the mixture with naked hands until it is completely ready.


You can market this product in-

  1. Households
  2. Pharmacies and in Medicine Shops
  3. Hospitals and in Health Centers
  4. Quarantine Centers
  5. Government Offices
  6. Markets
  7. Offices
  8. Shops
  9. Laundries
  10. Laboratories
  11. Schools & Colleges
  12. Hostels, etc

You can gain huge profits in this business and your profit margin will be nearly 40 to 60% after removing the entire seed amount that is 1 lakh. Sanitizers are advantageous as they are far more effective than regular soap, it is good for people who are facing water scarcity, they can be used to prevent germ transmission at public places.

Agarbatti Business with Buyback Agreement

Agarbatti making business is the most profitable business especially in a religious country like India. Here the demand for such incense sticks never decreases and people are always in search of new and fresh brands. In case you do not want to invest in costly machines you can go for handmade production. But it is recommended to use machines for bulk production. In this article, you will get the complete information of Agarbatti Business with Buyback Agreement with the help of machines.

Steps to Agarbatti Business with Buyback Agreement in Pune

Purchase Machines:

This is a very important step in this business as these machines will be the backbone of your business. You have to select reliable machines that do not cost you much in maintenance. You should also select such vendors who also provide servicing of products in case your machine fails. These machines need some minor servicing every month. The cost of such machines depends on the quality and capacity of producing the finished products. The machine will cost you near about 2 lakhs and you can produce 100 kg of raw agarbatti mold in about 12 hours which is excellent.

Profit Margin in Agarbatti Business with Buyback Agreement

It is one of the popular small scale businesses with buyback agreement in which you can easily earn 700-800 rupees from a single machine every day. But it is advised to install at least 4 to 5 machines for better profit margin. Normal or raw agarbatti can give you a profit of 10 rupees per kg while scented at least 30 rs per kg.

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Other Related manufacturing business with buyback agreement-


I hope that now you are well aware of several small scale businesses with buyback agreement. You can choose anyone from them as per your interest. In case you need any additional information or want to purchase production machines of good quality at a reasonable price you can contact our expert consultants of MYB2BIDEA via live chat support.