Water Cooler Manufacturing Process

water cooler manufacturing process


How to Start Cooler Manufacturing Business

We all know that people in villages and cities prefer to keep cooler during the summer season. You can start a cooler manufacturing business and sell to people to make a profit. This business will give you a lot of income in just 4 months of the summer season when there is the peak time of summer. You can make cooler of various sizes from a small, medium, and large and even sell them to offices along with homes.

How to Get a Loan for Cooler Manufacturing Plant

You can easily get a loan for a cooler manufacturing business with the help of a government scheme. Firstly to get the loan you have to prepare a project report and you have to apply under the mudra scheme. You will need nearly 5 lakh capital to start this business and it may vary according to the location of the plant. Out of which you have to arrange at least 10% of the capital by yourself and the remaining will be provided to you as a loan. You can submit this report at your district industries center or any nationalized bank under the mudra scheme. It will take some days for your loan to get sanctioned till then you can attend some training to learn the art of the cooler manufacturing process and also find suitable people/workers that will assist you in your plant.

Raw materials for cooler manufacturing business

After you have received your loan, you have to select such location of the plant which is cheap and has an easy transportation facility. The plant should be equipped with electricity. You have to do some marketing to search for cheap raw material but of fine quality to make this business profitable. Some of the major raw materials that you may need are-

  • The outer body of the cooler(fiber or tin)
  • Exhaust fan
  • Steel cutter
  • The fan motor of the cooler
  • Pump motor
  • Wirings
  • Cooler grill
  • Air cooling pad
  • Pipes
  • Plugs, switches
  • Nuts, soldering rods, tapes, and other hardware instruments to work with

Tips to Start cooler manufacturing business:

To make the coolers at first cut the steel sheet in the size that you are planning to make a cooler. After this, you have to give them a shape of a box similar to a cooler by bending them and punching them. You can also cut separate sheets and weld them later to make the shape. Fit all the parts of a cooler such as fan, motors, pipe, pads, and grill. Now do the wirings accordingly and create a plug outlet.

Make sure that the wiring is done neatly and is attached still with the help of tape as the vibrations of the cooler when it is being started can disturb the wirings. Now make the front area of the cooler accordingly so that the air coming from the cooler is distributed evenly in the room. Now check the performance of the cooler for one hour.

By this, you will come to know about the performance of the motor and wirings that you have done. Finally, spray paint your coolers with attractive colors, and do not forget to attach the name of your firm on the cooler.

Set a starting lot of preparing 80 coolers and dispatch them in the market for sale. By doing this your income will start soon and people also will be aware of your brand and it will be advantageous for you as it will be easy to sell the coolers of another lot.


I hope that now you are well aware of how to Start Cooler Manufacturing Business and are ready to add your coolers to the market for sale. In case you are worried about how to buy cooler manufacturing raw materials or plastic desert coolers raw materials, we would like to suggest that MyB2B Idea has list of several dealers where you can get all the raw materials of excellent quality at an affordable costs. We have helped many businessmen who want to enter in any type of manufacturing business and provided them with fine knowledge to increase their profit.