Aloe Vera Farming with buy back Agreement

Aloe Vera Farming With Buy Back Agreement

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Aloe Vera Farming with buy back Agreement – The Most Popular Business of 2021

Cultivation of Aloe vera plants and selling them to market is one of the most popular businesses these days. These days Aloe Vera Farming with buy back Agreement is also gaining popularity as one does not have to worry about marketing of the product.

Know About this Aloe vera Plant:

Aloe vera is a type of medicinal plant which grows at least 2ft in height yearly. We can say that this plant has no or very little stem. The plant grows about 35 to 40 inches in height with leaves that are 4 inches in diameter. The leaves of this plant are very thick and maybe of green or grey color depending on their breed. If you peel or break the leaves off aloe vera there is a vicious liquid inside and the boundary of the leaves contains small thorns.

Usage of Aloe Vera Leaves:

The leaves of aloe vera are used in making chaywanprash, pickles, and vegetables. Aloe vera is also used in beauty products and also used for medicinal purposes. It possesses a bitter taste and produces a purgative effect on use. It is used in the treatment of various diseases including respiratory problems, bloating, gastritis, bloating, and bleeding, boils, skin disease, and detoxication of blood, improving eye-sight, hair gel, beauty treatment, and burns. It is also used in spleen and liver-related problems.

 The aloe vera gel is used for making shampoo, soaps, cream, herbal powder, etc. Due to all these different sectors that use aloe vera as their major product; aloe vera farming business is quite profitable. The marketing of Aloe Vera can be easily done in Ayurvedic and cosmetics companies or you can also do Aloe Vera Farming with buy back Agreement.

The Process of Cultivation of Aloe Vera Plant:

You will be glad to know that aloe Vera is one such plant that requires very little maintenance and there is no need to even supply pesticides and manure to this plant. You should also know that aloe vera can be cultivated only in areas with moderate temperatures conditions areas and the plant cannot resist extreme freezing temperatures. You can harvest the leaves of the aloe vera after one year of plantation.

Soil that is Considered Suitable for Aloe vera farming business plan:

Practically aloe Vera can be cultivated on all types of soil. But sandy and loamy soils are considered best for the fast growth of the aloe Vera plant. The plant can also be successfully grown in sub-marginal or marine soils which are less fertile. But many experts say that aloe Vera grows best in medium fertile soils With a Ph of the soil around 8. It can easily be grown anywhere in India where then is a mild climate. The water requirement of the plant is very low and the states where aloe Vera grows on a large or commercial scale are Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh.

Expenditure and Profit in Aloe Vera Farming Business

  • You can start this farming with a minimum of 1 acre of land.
  • You can plant at least 13,000 saplings of Aloe Vera in 1 acre of land by maintaining the distance of 2x2 feet in each plant.
  • You can easily get 5 years of yield in the one-time plantation.
  • If one plant is of say 4 rupees you will have to invest 5x13000 saplings= 52,000(for 1 acre)
  • Each plant will provide you with at least 3 kg of leaves per year. So for 13,000, you will get 13,000x3 which means nearly 39,000 kgs.
  • Income from 1 acre of land 39,000 x 2(bulk purchaser if your farming is buyback)= 78,000 in one year.
  • From next year you can cultivate the plant 2 times a year so total 5 years income Rs7,02,000 out of which you have to bear the cost of cultivation only once of rs 52,000 and other expenditure such as weeding and cleaning of nearly 25,000.

List of Companies that Provide Aloe Vera Farming with buy back Agreement:

Here are some of the popular companies of India that provide aloe Vera contract farming. For knowing any further details you have to visit that particular company’s website. You should also know the fact that you should own land for such type of contract farming as many companies do not allow contract farming on rented lands.

  1. Ergo India
  2. Dabur
  3. Himalaya
  4. Patanjali

and many more

Some Common FAQ’s on Aloe vera farming business plan

Q: What are the common and profitable varieties available in India of aloe vera for farming?

A: There are more than 400 varieties of aloe vera exists and among among which the popular/common ones are aloe barbadensis, aloe striata, aloe marlothii, aloe ferox, , aloe aristate, and aloe arborescens. Among these aloe barbadensis is the one that has maximum usage and so we suggest you farm this species of aloe vera.

Q: From where does one get seed or plants for cultivation in bulk?

A: You have to search on the internet or can contact MyB2bidea via chat process for more details.

Q: Which is the best time of the year to plant aloe vera?

A: February to March is examined as the suitable time to plant Aloe Vera. Generally, you can plant this plant at any time of the year.

Q: What type of soil best suits aloe vera?

A:Medium fertile soil with good drainage property is considered best for the plantation of aloe vera but one can grow this plant in any type of soil.

Q: What type of fertilizer is needed for producing an abundant crop of aloe vera?

A: Compost of dead leaf, cow dung, and hummus is considered the best fertilizer for this plant.

Q: What are tilling requirement of the soil for the aloe vera farming business plan?

A: You can use normal tiling procedures such as a tractor, and rotovator. Make sure that there are no weeds left on your land and you have to mix the soil with fertilizer. Then make the ridges and furrows for proper watering of the plants. The plant does not require daily watering and you can water them once a week. No special care of the soil is needed for this plant. 

Q: What is the right bedding procedure to grow the aloe vera plant?

A:It is good if you keep an 8 inch high and 2-inch wide bed to plant this bed. The furrows should be one foot in width. Preparing a bed is not mandatory for this plant. Do not forget to make a slope so that excess water can drain from it.

Q: Which is the best quality to maintain in Aloe Vera to expect a good sale price?

A:You have to buy quality plants from a good vendor. A little research work will be necessary for this. You can select aloe barbadensis that consist of white-spotted leaves.

Q: When is the best time to harvest leaves of the aloe vera plant to sell in the market?

A:When you see the leaves of the plant have grown at least 2 to 3 inches in breadth you can harvest the leaves to sell.

Q: Which is better aloe vera plant or plant seeds for cultivation?

A:It is better to plant small plants or saplings of aloe vera than seeds as seeds are a lengthy process.

Q: Which is the right size of the plant to select for cultivation?

A: Minimum 6 inches height of aloe vera plant is considered as the best for aloe vera business as they get ready faster for harvesting.


 I hope that now you are aware of the Aloe vera farming business plan and also gained information regarding Aloe Vera Farming with buy back Agreement. If you have any other queries regarding this business you can contact MyB2Bidea where you can get advice from our experts and also sources from where you can get aloe vera saplings of excellent quality at a reasonable price.

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