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Aluminum Door And Window Manufacturing Business Plan

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Aluminium is not the traditional component used earlier in the construction field. As in olden times there has been use of wooden and iron in the making of door or windows. But due to the increasing population as usually in the construction of houses also causes lack in the supply of wood or probably higher pricing, there has been shifting of call to aluminium. As the aluminium is originally not a metal or non-metal, it’s an alloy of iron and bauxite. So, it has the strength of both the components with some very interesting features of light weight with high durability and mechanical strength. The most preferable reason that people shifted towards aluminium door and window that due to moisture, iron gets rusted and wood gets swollen or damaged. As due to all this the aluminium door and window manufacturing business is been in demand very much,so its profitable to adopt this business as due to low capital requirement also.



i). Strength

  • # To start the aluminium door and window manufacturing business there is no special eligibility criteria,any individual can start it at household level also.
  • # Aluminium door and window business investment is low and doesn’t carry much risk of failure.
  • # Aluminium door and window manufacturing business is in demand nowadays due to heavy budget of wood doors and window.

ii). Weakness

  • # Aluminium door and window manufacturing business plan in India, requires large space for the work and therefore not so ideal for home business, unless have extra or big house.
  • # Aluminium door, window business requires has lot of expenses in transportation.

iii). Opportunity

  • # The aluminium door and window manufacturing business has the opportunity from the construction sector, like building contractors, architects, interior decorators and many more, they help in earning clients.
  • # This business has the maximum profit from the residentials,who has been planning their home or started construction of home, office, building, flats, malls etc.
  • # Contacting the local wholesalers or retailers or dealers of the hardware shops or business for the promoting the portfolio of the manufacturing business.

iv). Threat

  • # Changing of government rules and policies affect the business.
  • # Barriers in the business by the tough competition in the locales.
  • # As due to the economic downturn, there has been decreased in the construction of houses, thus affects this aluminium door and window manufacturing business also.



  • # The initial stage of any marketing strategy is the choosing the smart place for the market tactics, so that easy access of all market demands and supply can be done.
  • # Next is the products, the products manufactured must not compromised with the quality and company standards.
  • # After this, there comes the pricing strategies, plan according to the market rates and must be reasonable at starting, so as to attract more customers initially. allow some discount occasionally as the sale.
  • # Another important step in the marketing is the promotion of the business, for this sending the portfolio of the business to the contractors, builders, architects, raw material supplier and many more people related to this field.
  • # Also, while promoting, printed banners and hoarding on the public places and hardware shop retailers and construction sites also.



  1. # The very first of any supply cycle is the knowing the demand of the market and planning according to that, for this there need deep study of market .in this there must be analysis of demand, supply needed, pricing allow, location preference and rate of production with the marketing ways.
  2. # After the planning of the location, then start the work of the production by choosing suitable raw material supplier which delivers in time and with low cost supply. Also, the quality of raw material must be good as product manufactures depend on this.
  3. # At the time of manufacturing all the products must be passed through the certain test of testing, packaging and durability. And send it later to the packaging of the items.
  4. # Then it is transfer to the transportation of the loading and unloading process, to reach the desired market and customers.
  5. # Thus, the products damaged or broken are sent back to the manufacturing unit and with the network chain they are exchanged.



  • # Aluminium items manufacturing unit
  • # Raw material (aluminium, latches, nuts and screw)
  • # Cutting, moulding and bending tools
  • # Labours
  • # Electricity facility
  • # Carts to load and unload heavy doors and window
  • # Transportation facility for raw material and delivery of goods

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