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Aquarium Shop Business Plan

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There has been drastic increase in the percentage of the people who likes to pet the animals and birds, but few enjoyed with the aquatic life. Having the aquatic lives in the corner of the home or living or bedroom makes the best feel of the peace, happiness and the joy. Those people who have the pets in their home it has become their hobby talk with them, play, enjoyed with them, just same with the fishes. Just by staring at them hour and hours and have the relax talk with them, refreshes our mind. So, this has become so popular that every home almost has the one aquatic tank in their home, while some has in their bedroom too. Thus, this aquarium shop business is becoming so popular and having so much profit in it. Aquarium shop business is in much demand all over, so doing this aquarium shop business is best idea for the small the business to start with low investment and space.


The following is the case studies of the aquarium shop business:

# INDIANAQUARIUM: They are the Chennai based private company started by aiming the aquarium supplies to hobbyists. They have all types of the fishes and aquatic plants available. Apart from that they have the all machines that are needed for the fish’s survival and easy living are available. They supply for the aquatic essentials like medicines, machines, food, level indicators, fertilizers, soil, decorative articles, tanks of every variety etc. they have the most attractive collection of the samples of the coral reefs collected from the nearby areas. They have become one of the most successful firm in the nearby areas of the city and the southern side. Their service and the maintenance they provide over the sold items makes them achieve great.


i) Strength

# Aquarium shop business plan can be stated easily with less area and less money.

# Aquarium shop business doesn’t requires any special education, just sufficient knowledge of the species of aquatics.

# Aquarium shop business can be started from any remote location and from household business too.

ii) Weakness

# Aquarium store business plan is risky to handle, as their need to be extra care and maintenance of the fishes to be taken otherwise they will die.

iii) Opportunities

# Aquarium shop business has the opportunities in taking up online orders and the delivering them at home.

# This business has the scope in selling and promoting near the public places, kids and teenagers’ shops, hotels, restaurant, cafeteria, home furnishing shops, interiors shop etc.

iv) Threat

# This aquarium shop business has the threat from the local shops competition.

# Economic downturn also has the threat to this transportation.

# The seasonal climatic changes affects the transportation and fishing cycles of the aquatics.


The following are the tips of the marketing plan for the aquarium shop business in India:

# The aquarium is the business that is common nowadays, so there must be special thing try to introduce in the business. Or something else can be done by introducing any flagship species in the name of any attractive bread of the fishes.

# Apart from the uniqueness, the location of the shop matters the most, try to choose the place if didn’t want to start the household business away from the nearby aquarium shop or at the center of the place crowded.

# Make the interiors of the shop most attractive, unique and the theme related. Try to introduce every type of variety in the shop from large to small, common to rare, colorful to black and white species of fishes.

# Keep all the variety of aquatic lives that is possible like turtle, starfishes, aquatic plants, their food, tank decoration articles, and all related stuffs.

# The next is the promotions of the shop, for this get the help of friends, family, relatives, followers of the social media and ask them promote the shop as possible as they can.

# Try to make the different page on the Instagram and post all the variety that shop has, Facebook, like platforms to take the online orders easily. Create the WhatsApp groups for the buyers to book online and make the facility of the home delivery.


# Location for shop

# Aquatic fishes, and many other lives

# Stones, pebbles, and other decoration things

# Fish tanks of different sizes and types.

# Food for fishes

# Interiors of the shop

# Payment facility online and offline both

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