Best Manufacturing Business In India

Best Manufacturing Business In India

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Some Best Manufacturing Business In India You Should Know

In case you are planning to open a manufacturing business, but are confused about which product to choose from a range of products available in the market. Do not worry here are some of the best medium scale manufacturing business in India that will surely give you good returns together with low investment. First of all, you should know the fact that it is not necessary that every manufacturing business involves lots of capital and hundreds of workers. You can start a manufacturing business with even a single or two persons and also with low capital. Here are some of the best manufacturing ideas that involve less capital.

List of Best Manufacturing Business In India

  1. Agarbatti Business
  2. Food Business
  3. Handicrafts and Hand made
  4. Furniture manufacturing business
  5. E-commerce, Internet, and Software Services
  6. Soap making Business
  7. Candle making Business
  8. LED bulbs Manufacturing Business
  9. Hardware products manufacturing business
  1. Lightstick or Maachis manufacturing Business More…

LED Bulbs Manufacturing Business Idea

The full form of LED is a light-emitting diode and using such form of light saves electricity to a greater extent than the normal bulbs. These days people prefer to use led bulbs and tube lights for their houses as it saves their electricity bills. Opening of the LED manufacturing business is a great idea as it is always in demand around the year. The investment of opening such business starts from only 7000 and so it one of the best medium scale manufacturing business in India. Read More…

Agarbatti Manufacturing Business 

Agarbatti Incensed stick manufacturing is a small-scale business idea but provides high returns if you keep your marketing strong. People use agarbatti to purify their house and fill the house with a different aroma. People also use agarbatti for religious purposes. The demand for agarbatti is throughout the year and the demand is maximum near the temples or any religious place. You can start this business with a minimum of 1000 square feet and in case you get a profit of 10 rupees in every 1 kg, you can easily make 90000 rupees in the future. Read More…

Jewelry Design Business Idea

These days everyone loves to wear jewelry with the latest design and if you are interested in this field this business can be started with low investments and provides you with higher returns. Read More…

Paper Manufacturing

Paper manufacturing is also and best manufacturing business idea 2020 at a low scale. It is also a well-known fact that the importance of papers cannot be neglected and so successful in this business is high and stable. Before entering this business you have to decide the size and volume of paper you have to manufacture. Based on quantity you have to select the location and machines accordingly. You may need a capital of 1 to 2 lakhs and you may need materials such as paper-making equipment, chemicals, and raw materials. Read More…

Manufacturing of Envelopes and Folder File

The next option is to start the business of envelopes and paper making. Such products are always in demand and are used widely in banks, offices, schools, post offices. There are two ways of making envelopes and folder files one is manual while the other one with the help of machines. However, it is always recommended to start a mechanized business as its production capacity is more than manual. You may need a paper folding hydraulic press, and some raw material and you may need a capital f approx 1 lakhs. Read More…

Detergents and Soap Manufacturing

These are essential FMCG products and are always in demand. So it is a best b2b manufacturing business idea. For starting such a business you have to learn to mix up the right ingredients in the correct proportion. The capital required for this business is approximately fifty thousand rupees and the materials you will need are basins, mixers, plastic bags, ladles, an electric or gas stove, hand gloves, and a weighing scale. Read More…

Production of Hair Oil

The hair oil production business is also one of the low-cost business ideas and can easily be started from home. The product has great market potential and is used in every home. Make sure that you make your hair oil non-sticky and with great and unique fragrance to make your product successful in the market. You can also make hair oil that facilitates hair growth. For opening such production you need to invest approximately twenty-five thousand to fifty thousand. Materials you may need are base oil, perfume, essential oils, bottling, mixing machines, and branding stickers. Read More…

Manufacturing Sports-Related Items

Manufacturing sports-related items such as the bat, ball, carom, badminton, etc are also quite an advantageous manufacturing business. For this business, you may need to invest between two to five lakhs and you may need raw material and machines. Read More…

Biscuit Making Business

This is also one of the small manufacturing business from home. We all know that there are many branded biscuits available in the market but people also love to eat fresh biscuits and cookies from the bakery. If you know how to make tasty and crispy cookies and biscuits you can enter this business. For starting this business you may need to invest nearly twenty-five thousand to fifty thousand. Some common materials you may need are wheat flour, grinder, sugar, mixture, etc. Read More…

Candle Making

Candle making is also one of the popular businesses that are in demand around the year. You can make fancy and scented candles to attract people and people do love to both uses and to gift them. The demand for such candles further increases on festival times. You may need materials such as wax, dye, molding, perfume, and equipment for holding wax and you may need an investment of around fifty thousand. Read More…


I hope that now you are well aware of best medium scale manufacturing business in India. All the above items are in demand around the year and if you follow proper marketing strategy you will surely make your brand in the market.

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