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Biscuit Manufacturing Plant Cost In India

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Bread & biscuit is the food that is not originally consumed by Indians and not their traditional food. but as soon as the western countries influenced the Indians and its culture, this becomes the part of the daily consumed eatables and breakfast routine. Within the few decades this tandoor or oven breads just placed their significance so strongly that can’t be replaceable, sometimes replaced the Indian chapati also. So, this bread & biscuit production business has reach out every corner of the country and become popular business with huge demand for it.

Originally bread & biscuit is made of different flours like wheat flour, corn flour, multi grains flour, oats flour, etc. thus by mixing the this any flour with water, salt and yeast and some additives their dough is made and kept in oven or tandoor for baking. After that they are served with nuts and jams. As mostly kids consume the bread and biscuit, they are pack into attractive bags or container or may add some chocolate also to it.


The following is the case study of the bread & biscuit production business:

1. HALDIRAMS:  This is originally Nagpur and Delhi based organisation, which had opened in Bikaner, Rajasthan as the first shop. Haldiram’s is majorly potato chips, snacks supplier and manufacturer, but their bread and dairy products has the huge demand all over the India. In 2017 they have been awarded as the largest snack company serving around 80 countries in India beating all the International brands. The success lies in the quality they served in their products and variety of items they produce they also give the proper quantity of any item as per the price. This makes them to achieved tremendous success.


i). Strength

  • # This bread and biscuit production business are in much demand and essential business type.
  • # To start business from home is profitable and can be easily managed.
  • # Due to the low cost this is bread making business profitable.
  • # No special training and education required to start this bread and biscuit production business.

ii). Weakness

  • # In bread & biscuit production business, there must be cautious about the manufacturing process and expiry date of the product.
  • # They required the normal room temperature for the storage,but due to oven their must be rise in temperature,so cold storage facilities need to be maintained.

iii). Opportunity

  • # Bread & biscuit manufacturing business plan can be profitable using marketing, promotions and selling in local food consume places like canteens, tea stalls, hotels, cafeteria, schools/colleges, residential places.
  • # Bread making in India can be also run online by creating website or login into vendors account into groceries sites like Amazon pantry, Big Basket.
  • # To start the bread factory in India,contact local dealers,suppliers and the retailers for the selling of the products and groceries shops too.

iv). Threat

  • # Barriers in the international market entry as due to heavy competition between brands.
  • # Economic downturn causes threat to bread & biscuit production business.



# Any smart marketing requires the smart location for the business office or the production part at counter location, as every clients or supplier or dealer can easily spot it and deliver the service.

# The next thing is the proper strategy for the pricing, and sales and knowing the market, its customers. Also, the customised serving according to the customers is beneficial too, as kids and youths’ section to be set different with health cautious in different modes. Using different nuts and flavours, grains are also the specific factors affect.

# After the pricing, customising services and location planning, there comes the important point that is the spreading the business awareness and letting more people know about the firm.

# For this strong place to place marketing is the good option, by visiting bakeries, coffee shops, hotels, tea canteens, school/colleges canteens, office mess etc.

# Keeping the hoarding in the public places to notice people, also the selling free sample trial packets to customers. Using the online options of the social media like creating page Facebook product page, Instagram blogs or page, stories on WhatsApp or creating groups for the orders.



# The supply chain basically contains the first step as the selection and the buying that production unit, which must be made as per the manufacturing requirements. Also, the place must be large enough that heavy loaded trucks to be entered to unload and load the products.

# After the unit is ready,be gets organized with the raw materials that requires to manufacture and produce the bread and biscuits. There will leave two options either to order the readymade flour from the market or gets grind the grains in low cost with the tools, as it can save the expenses.

# Finding the good supplier for the raw material, then gets all the availability of the production process. Thus, after that testing of quality, size, quantity and the packaging standards for the ready products. but it must be match with the companies requirement.

# Also check the quality as per the FSSAI standards, as it is the main perspective of any eatables. Then gets loaded to the transport to reach the desired market and thus gets entered into the market of consumers goods.

# After the arrival to market, it passes to supplier to wholesaler, wholesaler to local supplier, from this to local wholesaler and finally to retailer. then the retailer sells that products to the customers and thus obtained the desired result and output. But the unsold product or damaged or waste products are returned back to firm.


  • # Bread & biscuit manufacturing unit
  • # Bread & biscuit production machine/ tandoor/ commercial oven
  • # Bread & biscuit moulds/containers
  • # Baking accessories & raw material (like corn flour, wheat flour, salt, sugar, butter, nuts and dry fruit, cherry and many more serving and making items)
  • # Packaging essentials and sealing machine
  • # Transportation facility
  • # Electricity supply
  • # Labours

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