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Cloth Stitching Business Ideas

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In the last decades, the world has changed so far. As in this world you will be only judged by your outer attire, what type of outfits you wore, which trend you are following and many more. your richness is decide by which costly designer outfit you are wearing. In olden times fashion was not the case of concern.

Thus growing trends on fashion and having more fashion conscious people made this business to reach at greatest heights. But we cannot forgot every coin has two sides if has growth then automatically competition also arises. Thus you have to be unique in your style, fashion, fabric, you choose for your business. The main reason for the success of this business is your creativity and your marketing strategy. once you entered in market your almost 90% work is done then only you have supply products or made product ready by your employers.

There is always a need in an clothing industry. If you are good at works having someone giving new makeover and artistic stitching you will be able to start your own boutique and tiny firm where you can appoint your co employers.

Here I am discussing 10 new ideas about the specialize one amongst:

  • Alteration service
  • Image consultant
  • Pattern maker
  • Fabric restoration
  • Handbag design
  • Homebase stitching
  • Maternity clothing
  • Fabric shop
  • Embroidery service
  • Sewing classes

You can adopt any idea from the above one or make this ideas combinedly work together in your business and hire experts according to that in your firm. 


Before starting of any business you must have its strategies planed. strategy in the sense means what type of market you need ? what its expenses? What are the ongoing hurdles you have to faced? What is the initial capital you are going to require? How are you going to manage the whole process? What are your clients? Which type of projects you are getting? what type of preparations you need for that? And many more….

Only if you have this detailed strategy’s plan they you are allowed to make bigger profit. In this world you need to be proactive as to commemorate the the one who are irreplaceable just like google , Otherwise if you lose you will be replaced so easily as like Nokia.

  • Direct Reference : If you have any contacts in your nearby industry and local office employee, then do refer him for your business proposal and make a deal with that organisation.
  • Schools /college : In case ,yopu have hostels, school ,college nearby you ,then do contact them. If their head is not interested in cracking deal with you ,do contact with their supplier make them agree by you or convince them. Also you can contact their staff they may refer you for this.
  • Commercial complexes : As you know ,all commercial places employees do wear uniform according to their service. So if you have such place near you make it a opportunity and contact their manager for the service. Also you can take more such projects from them.
  • Local residents : As we knew the fact ,that people can sew clothes throughout a year nowadays. So you can ask for the local aunties for the contract and orders. Also you can visit every Residential building near your locality for the orders.
  • Hospitals : Hospitals do have uniforms. Each staff has colour coded dress as per their position and service. So you can ask your family doctor for the deal .
  • Daily customers : college going girls are the daily customers in any bouquets ,as they monthly do shopping and follow trend. These type of customer are the most influencers one for your business growth. They do lot of advertisement of your company.
  • Corporates : In this world mostly full of corporates .they are the most demanding clients and medium for growth of your firm. Their requirements are simple but on monthly basis



  • No educational barrier required.
  • Less risk.
  • Least maintained require.
  • Easily set up startup.
  • Requirement is more.


  • Requires high skilled labours.
  • Initial capital requires is more.
  • Needs experience in this field.


  • Arrival of any festive season like Diwali ,e-id.
  • Partying or marriage time.
  • All seasonal arrivals for corporates.
  • College students


  • Accidental loss
  • Lost or misplaced of their pieces of cloth.
  • Mismatching of customised design.
  • Measurements gone wrong.
  • Efficiency fully depend on your worker and growth also.


  • If someone need to create bulk or any uniform :they have need to certain criteria of clients.
  • If tailoring for womens / gent’s attire need to make  customised as per the recent trend, fashion, eg: height they want of dress, sort of neck, sleeves length, coat length, pockets type .All this parameters they need to considered.


The generalised process of supply took like this:

 Bulk production:

If any firm or company gets bulk order it gets through long supply chain of cycle and processes through various suppliers.


As per the Indian Norms :

  • Gumasta
  • Municipal/Nagar Nigam Registration


  • Buying or renting of stitching machines
  • Embroidery machine also or various tools requires
  • All accessories require that’s scissors, measuring tape, threads.
  • If place is on rent ,then need to have arranged the rent of that place.
  • Electricity bills.
  • Have to arranged some medical aids for them as in emergency.

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