At last, you must have all the details regarding the electronic weighing scale business plan and electronic weighing scale manufacturers in India

Electronic Weighing Scale Manufacturers In India

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Where to Find electronic weighing scale manufacturers in India to Start My Business

Electronic weighing scales are gaining rapid importance are people are using them to keep track of their body weight and vendors are using them to know the product weight. Weighing scale business plan is one of the best options as the demand for such product will never cease and will increase rapidly in the future. 

The weighing machine comprises indicators, load cells, signaling system, output displayer, and some basic materials that are easily available at electronic weighing scale manufacturers in India. The machine takes weight as an input in form of pressure and converts them into the weight to show the display in KGs to the output. Some advantages of such a weighing machine are-

  • Small or compact size with greater capacity
  • Quick response to measure the weight differences
  • Can be processed online via a computer
  • Can monitor multiple loads with frequent changes
  • Available at an affordable cost.

The difference in Usage of Weighing machine in Different Sectors:

  • A tabletop weighing machine used in retail scale of range 5gm to 30kg.
  • A bench-scale weighing machine used in chemical industries, wholesalers, grain merchants, and several industries ranging from 10 gram to 1 ton.
  • The high precision weighing scale used by jewelers ranging 0.01 gm to 500 gm.
  • Analog weighing scale used in labs ranging from 0.01gm to 200gm.
  • High-capacity weighing machines are used in heavy metal industries ranging from 100gm to 5 tons.
  • Digital weighing machines are used in the health care sector.
  • Hanging type weighing scales are used in field weighing ranging from 10 gm to 1 ton.
  • Lastly, heavy-duty weighing machines are used in warehouses, truck weighing industries with capacities ranging from 10 kg to 60 tons.

You can do the marketing of this product in the above places as per the weighing scale you are planning to manufacture.

Registration Process for electronic weighing machine project:

For starting this business you need to have permissions from-

  1. ROC
  2. Municipal authority
  3. MSME adhaar registration for small to medium unit manufacturing
  8. Trademark Registration

Machinery and Raw Materials Required for this Business:

You will need some basic machinery such as-

  1. Bench Drilling machine
  1. IC Tester/EPROM Programmer kit
  1. Digital LCR Meter
  1. Digital Multi Meter
  1. Oscilloscope (0-20 MHz range)
  1. Standard Weights Brass
  1. Multi-meter (Analog)
  1. Load Cell Simulator
  1. Portable Grinder
  1. UV Eraser, etc.




And some raw materials like-

  1. Fluorescent display
  1. Integrated circuits
  1. Load cell (strain gauge)
  1. Cabinet/Housing (Metal made)
  1. Capacitors
  1. Mechanical hardware
  1. Rectifier
  1. Resistors (Diodes and switches)
  1. Noise filter
  1. PCB
  1. Transformer
  1. Transistors
  1. some Wires, packing material, cable connectors, consumables, etc.




It is good to find some good electronic weighing scale manufacturers in India. So that it will enhance the profit chances of your business.

The process to Manufacture Weighing Scale:

All you have to do is to load cells, resistors, capacitors, etc on a pre-designed circuit board. Make sure to perform this process by seeing the design guide or else your machine will not perform well. After that, you need to test all the hardware connected to the board and finally mount them inside the housing. Do not forget to put your brand name on it. Now your weighing machine is ready for sale.


At last, you must have all the details regarding the electronic weighing scale business plan and electronic weighing scale manufacturers in India. For more details regarding machines, you can contact MYB2BIDEA via live chat support where you can ask for help from our expert consultants.

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