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Hair Oil Making Business

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Hairs are the important part of our beauty essentials, actually they are not the crucial in the functioning of human body but are very fundamentally needed for appearance. Especially women are very cautious about their hairs, this provide beauty to their face and personality. So, taking care of hairs are necessary and it has become the daily part of routine for all. But the busy life a stress gets hair to fall and damaged as due to pollution also. So, making of the customized hair oil for the consumers is the better business idea these days. Also, hair oil making business can be bettertostart at the initial level with less investment and in no risk area.


The following are the case studies of the hair oil making business in India:

# PARACHUTE COCONUT HAIR OIL: Since many decades this name is in the heart of every Indian. As because this is the much popular ever since brand in India. The fact that it plays monopoly in this hair oil making business for several years. The specialty of this oil is the quality they served in cheaper rates. Also, they guarantee the deep nourishment formula to roots of hairs.

# INDULEKHA BRINGHA HAIR OIL: This is the totally Indian brand product of none other than Hindustan Unilever. This is regarded as the best ayurvedic medicine for hair-fall, as guarantees contains the bringha in it the ayurvedic medicine for hair-fall. This product comes over the big brand name in India, as it manufactures products in almost every area and deliver the services in various platforms.


i) Strength

# Hair oil making business can be started at any level commercial or household with minimum capital.

# Hair oil manufacturing companies in India earns huge profit due to its high consumption.

# Hair oil business is one of the essential consumers good business so in continuous nonvarying demand.

ii) Weakness

# Hair oil manufacturing project is the business that takes time to grow and earn profit.

iii) Opportunities

# Hair oil making business has the wide opportunities in selling online as it can be sell out at any part of country.

# Hair oil business has the scope in expanding its business by making other hair products like hair serums, conditioners, vitamins tablets, creams and gels, shampoos, customized oils etc.

iv) Threat

# Hair oil making business has the threat from the local market competitors.

# Hair oil production business has the limited entry to enter to the global market as due to big market rivals.


The following are the plans for the hair oil making business:

# The marketing plan starts with the choosing of the particular location of the manufacturing unit, or if started at household level. The place must be where all supplier and dealers get it easily.

# The products must be delivered to market in proper season or timing, alike if manufacture specific hair oil for the winter hair care and cold days, must be entered into the market as before the October or early. Thus, time management need to be maintained.

# The next is while marketing, proper detailed specifications need to be announced so as to catch the attention. Also try to make the strong publicity in the public places like markets, retailers and malls, saloons and beauty parlours, etc.

# Taking the help of the social media platform for the marketing is the great business idea, as it can effectively get noticed to lot of people in minimum time and efforts with no cost.

# Appointing proper marketing specialist to handled all the deals and market ventures, helps in improving business. Also make the supply online so as to spread the sales all over the surrounding parts of the region with minimum cost price.


The following is the features of the supply chain of hair oil making business:

# Plan: At the starting of business, there is detailed planning and research of the specific things like location, marketing plans, demand and supply needed, types of customers and their contribution, thinking about all these criteria makes the business to run smoothly.

# Source: Making the arrangement for the sources needed is the main part at the initially. In this source management, there is buying of tools and machineries collection of the data, etc. also recruiting the labours for the process is the task in which searching for the raw material supplier in cheap cost is tough.

# Make: As soon as the sources are arranged, there is begin of the production process in which all the things are done with proper procedure and in particular quantity. After the finished of the process, quality testing is also done with proper preservation and storing techniques.

# Pack: When the production ends there is packaging o the product starts with appropriate leak free packaging. After the packaging is done it is loaded for the transportation to the desired market.

# Ship: The finished goods are shipped passing through the long logistic chain of suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and many more middle persons for reaching to the desired consumers.

# Deliver: The delivery of the products is done after the retailers passing and get in the hands of the customers. Whereas the damaged, leakage or spoil products are returned back to it.


# location for the manufacturing plant

# raw materials (flavours, essential vitamins agents, needed preservative chemicals)

# machines and tools

# electricity supply

# packaging essentials and utility

# labours

# transportation facility

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