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Homemade Chocolate Business Plan India

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Chocolates are the mood varying eatables, that are mostly consumed by kids but now all ages of people enjoy it by eating. In consuming the chocolates there are no specific time, place, scheduled or matter, individual can eat it anywhere anyway or anytime they desired. As they are healthy to eat and has lot of benefits with amazingly good taste, they are most preferred eatables. That’s why they in demand from always and still in future. So starting a chocolate production business or manufacturing business plan is good idea and having profit earning also.


# Cadbury: it is British multinational company of chocolates handled by Mondelez India earlier Cadbury was established in UK in 1824 and One of the India’s largest selling chocolate brands of around 55.5% of total share in selling. Among this dairy milk is the flagship of this brand. Some of the other popular items are gems, 5-star, perk, silk, Bournville, Celebrations etc.

# Nestle:this is the Switzerland based brand which was founded in 1866, but one of the popular consumer goods brands in India. It is second best chocolate selling firm in India having 17% share in selling with KitKat chocolates the flagship and munch in addition.


i). Strength

  • # Chocolate is the product that is much in demand and people often consume it daily due to its awesome taste.
  • # Chocolate manufacturing process requires cheap cost and can be started as chocolate production business at home also.
  • # Chocolate production business requires raw material that are available abundantly.
  • # Any individual can set up this chocolate production business.

ii). Weakness

  • # The unsold goods gets wasted as they can’t be recycled.
  • # They need to store in good and cold storage and this causes lot of cool facility charges.
  • # Chocolate production business ideas applied only after the certification and permission guarantee from the FSSAI

iii). Opportunity

  • # The chocolates are usually consumed by kids and youngster, so keeping the chocolates in sell nearby kids and youths crowd centres like play stations, malls, schools, colleges, gardens, ice cream parlour etc.
  • # Chocolate production business plan need to be in mostly gift shops and flower parlours,as because they are usually gifted with flower or with gifts.
  • # Setting up the small retail shop of the customised chocolates and chocolates items can be chocolate making business profit in India.

iv). Threat

  • # Entry in International market or at national level brand is quite tough due to barriers in entry.
  • # Changing of food corporation policies and terms.



# The initial requirement in starting any business is the proper location where all smart marketing strategies can be applied. Also, the choosing the place is also the important move of smart marketing plans where all the goods are loaded and unloaded into market and manufactured.

# The next move defines the advertisement of that smart location and business, such that maximum people gets aware of the production business cannot resist in visiting.

# In an advertisement contacting the local retailers, suppliers, dealers for the promotion of the business. Also, the business portfolio to be distributed every corner at the desired customers.

# Using some unique ways to increase the sales can be also solution of the marketing strategy like chocolate box with gift hampers, store at kid’s school or many more.

# Allow some customised orders and special festive collection is also the best idea in marketing plan with some discounts on the offers.



# The supply chain cycle starts with the finding the suitable location for the plant that can conveniently manufactures. Also, the manufacturing unit must be comfy, with good ventilations,clean. Another thing is it should follow all FSSAI rules regarding the safety of the kitchen and manufacturing unit.

# As per the manufacture concerns, good availability of raw material is must and that raw material must be supplied by the supplier on time. Thus, the after the supply of the products manufacturing is done with all preventive measures.

# After the manufacturing is done, the items are tested and standards are check for the safety and precision. Then the packaging is done of the products, then the packaging the products are sent to the transportation counter.

# Then the transportation of the products isdone to the desired market and the products are sent to the shops or retailers.


  • # Manufacturing unit
  • # Chocolate production machine
  • # Raw material & goods
  • # Chocolate moulds, trays, blenders, whiskers
  • # Tools for making
  • # Labours
  • # Electricity supply
  • # Packaging items

Transportation availability

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