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How To Start A Catering Business

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In the events and programs of public gatherings like marriages, reception parties, conferences, meetings, concerts, promotional programs, birth and death anniversaries, retirement parties, school farewell and felicitation programs like catering service business is in role. The catering service business is typically a food processing and serving type service. In which the event or program organizer has to just wait for the food to get ready and serve. Without any mess, as they prepare food at their place and then transport it. The food that is served to the guests must be good, presented well, and garnish fabulously, because of that other on-going customers in the program can experience the business process and get good review. The portfolio of the business must be strong enough to attract the clients and get the good deals in the market.


The case studies for the catering service business is as:

# TANDOORI NIGHTS: They are well known for their wedding services and catering brand in India. They are best for their desi style cooking and the vibrant catering. They are the famous Punjabi meal preparers and the all rounder servers of the Indian meal to pinned down the day.

# PARAMPRIKA:  They are the southern in the field of the catering service business in India. They are best known for their Tamilian meal they served. Going down to south they are the traditional rituals of Tamilian meal. Apart from that their fusion of north south are also tempting. Their taste and authenticity make them a great brand in India.


i) Strength

# Catering service business plan in India has the maximum demand and easy to start.

# Catering service business card needs low investment and capital to start, can be easily run from home business.

# Catering service business gets the employees at very low income in India.

ii) Weakness

# Catering service business ideas takes to get clients and profit from the business.

# Food service for business has the little risk in this business, as the food serve to the guests is completely the owner’s risk.

iii) Opportunities

# Catering service business in India has the lot scope in marriages, reception party, conference, meeting, birth and death anniversaries, etc.

# Catering service business has the opportunity in serving in school, colleges canteens, hotels, religious places etc.

iv) Threat

# This catering service business has the threat from the market barriers to the new entry in this business, as it takes time to grow the business.

# Sometimes the food gets wasted or gets insufficient that is the big risk in this catering service business to have sufficient supply.


The following are the marketing strategies of the catering service business in India:

# The catering service business requires the high intensity promotions and the advertisements for the business. As many people aware about this business, the many customers get.

# Because in such business types major involvement is not done easily by clients, they only attract by the reviews and reference of the old customers. So, try to maintain good relations.

# As people judge this business only by the taste of the food, thus there wouldn’t be any compromise regarding the chef’s post and hiring the best.

# The important aspect also the quality and the quantity served to the clients and the guests, has maximum remark depends on it.

# The next is the location, it should be near the city or n middle to save transportation time and money.

# The advertisements must be done in the public places, near hotels, bouquets halls and social gathering events, conferences, meetings etc.


# Food cooking kitchen area or location for catering making

# Big utensils for serving, processing(cooking), storing and transporting

# Cutlery, serving dishes and bowls for guests

# Cooking essentials like gas, grocery, utensils

# Chefs or cook

# Water and electricity supply

# Transportation facility

# Bouquets arrangements essentials for decoration and setting up

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