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How To Start A Computer Retail Business

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In the world of full of technology, computers are body to that host along with internet as the oxygen to service it. Thus, selling of computers and laptops in this highly advanced environment and emerging technological world is profitable. Computers/ laptops both are vital elements of the todays living lives, as all thing dependents on them only. As like school homework, college assignments, thesis reports, business presentations, datasheets on Excel, online tutoring or study, office work, online exams etc. Due to such gaining of importance it is lucrative to start a computer business. If facing the financial problems then computer retail business is also a better option other than opening a computer parts store too.


The following are the case studies of the computer retail business:


This is the big name for the computers stores in Kolkata, as in the west Bengal situated shop as very amazing collection of all hardware, computers, laptops gaming accessories. The speciality of this store is that they provide gift vouchers after the purchase4 of computer laptops on the special occasions and also the free servicing of all the accessories with delivery. Here they can also take the return of order too . they have all latest and updated stocks of the gaming laptops and play station kit also.


This is the Mumbai based firm which has various interesting marketing features and that makes this store unique. They have the very amazing schemes for the customers like guarantee of replacement of any product in just 7 days, free shipping of orders, best prices and best quality assurance guaranteed, fast delivery by speed post or by FedEx. They have the best sellers for the laptops, processors. They have also open computer parts store.


i) Strength

  • # The profit margin is more in this computer retail business as it is big investment business.
  • # The employees needed are less and no mess is created as it is modern business.
  • # The transportation cost requires is almost negligible as customers prefer to buy it offline mostly.

ii) Weakness

  • # To start the laptop selling business a big investment and high capital has to be generated.
  • # In the computer retail business to improve the computer sales and services their needed a lot to time and settle down period also too long.

iii) Opportunities

  • # Contacting the companies, offices, schools, colleges for the supply of the new stock of the computer/laptops/tablet or various parts of them.
  • # The wholesalers have the opportunities in the computer dealership with the retailers.
  • # Selling of the computer parts and laptop accessories along with software tools helps in earning good.

iv) Threats

  • # The biggest threat to the retailers is the customers buying the PCs from the online platforms directly or buy the franchise of that brand in locales.
  • # The imposing of additional taxes on the expensive products are causing troubles.


  • Product: The computer/laptops/tablets are the main products in this computer retail business, for which there must be good stock available of them. Apart from that all updated PCs computer, laptops, tablets are in stock is necessary, also there must be presence of every popular demanding brand available. All the products of different sizes, colours, brands, price, company, RAM, battery consumptions are needed for the selling.
  • Pricing: The product which are pricing in the market and the store of business must not be too much variable. Also, the products of different prices and profit margins are needed to be kept. Even though profit margins are not much having reasonable pricing of the computer/laptops as per the companies actual pricing criteria. Don’t impose extra taxes on the international brands as its causes loose in the client’s trust.
  • Promotion: For the promotions of the business sued the SEM techniques and the methods that helps in the promoting of business in much better ways. Also SEM that is search engine marketing which is specially marketing tools helps to obtained many professional clients and big customer chain also.


  1. # IT company (order the contract the requirement of PCs and laptops)
  2. # Manufacturing company (not necessary all parts manufacture by same company)
  3. # Supplying branch of IT company (another unit claims this responsibility)
  4. # E-market place (for the relations between clients and company, also for international trade)
  5. # Wholesaler supplier
  6. # Distributor
  7. # Local supplier
  8. # Local wholesaler
  9. # Retailer (this is the last key of the chain and also price up to this is increasing to several amount)
  10. # Customer


  1. # Business registration
  2. # LLC
  3. # Certificate of occupancy
  4. # Trademark
  5. # Bank account
  6. # GST registration
  7. # Business insurance


  • # Shop
  • # Electricity supply
  • # Stock of goods
  • # Good display
  • # Samples of actual laptops/computer which are unseal
  • # Skilled employees and marketing manager with client relationship professional
  • # Furniture for the storage of PCs
  • # Additional accessories like laptop cover, guard, antivirus kits, extra parts, o/p devices.
  • # Transportation facilities
  • # Online services for the customer service
  • # Repairing centre, mechanics and IT experts

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