If you are planning to enter the business field and are searching for how to start a detergent manufacturing business in India you are on the correct page

How To Start A Detergent Manufacturing Business In India

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An Ultimate Guide to how to start a detergent manufacturing business in India

If you are planning to enter the business field and are searching for how to start a detergent manufacturing business in India you are on the correct page. This article will give you all the necessary information regarding the business plan for detergent manufacturing

Starting a soap or detergent manufacturing business is quite profitable as these products are needed in every house. People often search for cheap but good quality detergent powders to maintain their household budget. As it is an FMCG product the demand for detergent powder never ceases as people always need this powder for washing clothes, utensils, and hands. You should make sure that you have taken all the permits and licenses along with company registration before opening this business.

Another advantage of the detergent manufacturing business is that it requires less capital. The consumption of such detergent powder is vast in India which is a positive sign. There are four categories of detergent powder that you can manufacture commercially-

  1. Heavy-duty type detergents
  2. Phosphate-free detergents
  3. Light duty detergents
  4. Fabric soft detergents

Oil-based detergents and synthetic detergents are two major categories in this segment. Moreover, there are three types of detergents to be presented as finished products that are in powder, bars, or liquid form. So before learning how to make washing powder for business you have to choose any one category of detergent powder as per your local market.

The formula for detergent Manufacturing:

It is not a difficult task in making a detergent or washing powder. One has to just mix all the mixtures in the right proportion to obtain the finished product. Many companies have their secret recipe for making a washing powder and that depends on their brand value and target audience. Generally, a detergent powder contains the following compounds.

Compounds Required to Make Detergent Powder

85% concentrated active LAB acid

Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium sulfate

Sodium Carbonate

Optical whitener

Alkaline sodium silicate

Phthalocyanine blue color or oil-soluble yellow color

Sodium met silicate


Sodium tripolyphosphate

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and water



Budget Requirement in business plan for detergent manufacturing

The below budget is given for an average size plant involving 1000m square feet area. You have to keep a minimum budget of 25 lakhs and you can expand the business later as per your selling and profit.

Basic Expenses

1.Manufacturing unit rent at least Rs. 1.5 lakh monthly

2.Raw Materials of nearly Rs. 5 lakh required

3.Branding is Not necessary at medium scale production business

Expenses on Employees

1.Plant manager at Rs. 60,000 monthly

2.Engineer at Rs. 30,000 per month

3.An accountant at Rs. 20,000 monthly

4.Quality control manager at Rs. 30,000 per month

5.Supervisors at 20,000 monthly for each employee

6.Purchase officer at Rs. 300,00 per month

7.Salesmen at Rs. 10,000 monthly

8.Factory workers with a salary of Rs. 12,000 per month each

9.Additional staff like drivers, electricians, and guards,  at Rs. 9,000 monthly.

Other Expenses

1.Advertisement nearly Rs. 60,000 monthly

2.Accidental Insurance cover of minimum Rs. 1 lakh

License and registration: Rs. 50,000/-

Equipment: Rs. 10-15 lakhs onwards -


Machines/Equipments and raw Material for Detergent Powder Business Plan:

Every medium scale detergent powder unit needs the following tools in the manufacturing process-


Mixing vessels

High-pressure and reactors and tanks






Gas or electric stoves

Tanks for Storage and raw materials




Spray dryer

Conveyors sieve

Packaging machine

Waste disposal bags and plastic bags

Anti-pollution unit

Weighing scale

hand gloves, Pulverize, and basins


Purchasing good quality raw materials is crucial for the success of this business and it may cost you around 60% of your working capital. Try to purchase cheap but good quality raw materials from the vendors of from whole market. You may need-

Raw Materials

Trisodium Phosphate

Carboxy Methyl Cellouse

Soda ash light


Caustic soda

Bleaches and compounds

Sodium Meta Silicate

Fabric softeners

Glauber’s salt


Sodium sulphate


Sodium silicate

Sodium Tri Polyphosphate


Detergent builders

Synthetic perfumes and fragrances

Alkyl benzene sulphonate

Polythene bags for packaging


Process of Detergent/Washing Powder Manufacturing for Commercial Business:

Now we come to the core answer to the question of how to start a detergent manufacturing business in India. There are two processes of detergent manufacturing the first is the mixing process of raw materials while the other is the spray dried process. The first one is suitable for small to medium-scale production units while the latter is for large-scale production units. Let us discuss both the process of detergent powder production.

Mixing Process:

In this process, the initial set of ingredients such as builders, surfactants, and perfumes are added to a large blender. You should know that for this process you will require two types of blenders or a mixture of different sizes. One is rectangular and other cylindrical in shape. The cylindrical blender has mixing blades to mix solid phosphates and other additives. Once all the mixture is evenly mixed it is passed through a conveyor belt from the bottom door of the blender. Thus the product is finally packed and is ready for sale.

Spray Dried Process:

In this, all the ingredients are mixed in a tank called a Crutcher. Then the mixture is passed through heated pipes to the top of the tower by the time the mixture gets heated. Now the heated mixture is sprayed through nozzles and the droplets are allowed to cool resulting informing of a powdery substance that is collected at the bottom. 


These days online e-commerce portal also deals with the delivery of household products. It is better to set your network with these portals for making a continuous profit. You should emphasize advertising of the product through TV ads, and Flyers, and display board whichever is required. Other methods of selling your products are-

  • Local general Stores.
  • Online retailers.
  • Launch a company website.
  • Mortar and brick stores.

Disposal of Waste:

A disposal process of phosphate waste is essential in a detergent manufacturing business plan. You should destroy all the hazardous biomedical waste as per bio-waste rule, 1996 constitutional rule of India to save our environment.


Hope that now you are well aware of the answer regarding how to start a detergent manufacturing business in India. In case you have further doubt regarding this business or want to know where you can get machines at reasonable rates you can visit MYB2BIDEA.

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