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How To Start A Gym Business Plan In India

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With the technological progress made by man, luxurious life of man is on the way and due to these human mechanical efforts has reduced to negligible. Due to this many health problems and obesity issues are arising from adults to teenagers. So the new modern solution the world find for it is gym. Thus, the gym business is in demand and increasing rapidly. Another reason, nowadays people are judged by their outer appearance, because of this men’s and women on the edged of the developing their body and wanted their body transformation. Mostly adults have the maximum population of gym for the body transform. Therefore, having maximum benefits opening gym business is useful and profitable. Also, gyms are on the heights of the peak. Gym business has become a wide business it is not up to gym-ing and training clients but various new features has been added like fitness consultation, diet planning, yoga training, aerobic classes, acrobats sessions, self-defence training, juice business, weight gain/loss practices, body transformation etc.


The following are the case studies for the gym business:

BBI FITNESS: They are delhi firm which franchise gym business all India. They provides body building events, training methods, fitness education and dope free nutrition services to the customers. They are known for their excel services and the quality training they provide. Also the expert they have in the gym business makes them suitable perfect for the India leading gym franchise.

JYMKA: While all are the gyms for the adults, they opened the new concept opf kids sport and fitness gym. They also provide services to the family gym and have fun while gyming.their new concept makes them famous and unique from others. This helps in bringing out success and creating franchise.


i) Strength

  • # If have the sufficient knowledge and expert trainers, then the opening of gym business with no money is possible at household level.
  • # Due to the health risk and increasing health issues nowadays gym business is highly demanding and earning profit.

ii) Weakness

  • # Nowadays customers are becoming more demanded and their expectations are Increasing frequently as they updated setups, machines, trainers also.
  • # The equipment needed to start the gym are expensive and need to maintained well.
  • # In the gym business expenses of trainers, dieticians, fitness consultant are more as compared the actual profit of the fitness consulting business.

iii) Opportunities

  • # Opening a gym in a small town is opportunity for the new comers in the market as with low investment can be started.
  • # Contacting local residential and society’s member for the gym.
  • # Partnership with the various health club and fitness centres for the customers.

iv) Threats

  • # Due to the increase in the number of health club business profit is distributed and tough competition faced by gym businesses.
  • # The economic terms affect the gym business like inflation.


the following are the marketing basics concepts for the gym business:

  • # Suitable place: The place must be good enough for the gym business as customers must be feel comfortable and relaxed there. The place must have suitable interiors as planned and the proper ventilation system with the air cooling. Also there must be privacy for the customers to have their gym session peacefully without interferences.
  • # Reference: Us all the known contacts and indirect references also for the customers at starting. Once customers gets satisfies find the indirect contacts with their references and thus keep on expanding chain. Allow public contact with the customers and finding more clients.
  • # Expert Trainers: Hire the employees that are best in their jobs with the experience in the training. The employees must be updated with the all updated methods and the training for the benefits of clients.
  • # Promotions: The promotions must be done with full strength and with sincerity. While promoting get all the details to customers and the services provided. Also promotions can be done by social media help also by creating group, making web pages, writing blogs etc. do not add false details in the promotions.
  • # Extra Facilities: Provide some extra facilities to the customers and also the gym trainers. So that they may get positive response for the business. Also put feedback from them for likes and dislikes.
  • # Discount Packages: Make some discount packages for the clients and the trainers. Also put some sales and offers for the customers and some benefits of it.


  1. # Registration of gym
  2. # SSI Registration
  3. # Shop and establishment Registration
  4. # Service tax Registration
  5. # Clearance from the police station
  6. # Bank account of business
  7. # Business Insurance


  • # Suitable place
  • # Interiors planned according to gym
  • # Ventilation facility /cooling system
  • # Equipment’s needed like treadmill, stationary bicycles, rowing machine
  • # Exercise utilities needed like dumbbells, training bench, barbell set, kettlebell set.
  • # Expert trainers (yoga, aerobic, Zumba, acrobats, dieticians, nutritionist)
  • # Music system and other facilities like yoga mats, exercise ball, stretchers.
  • # Additional facilities like juice bars.

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