how to start a kitchen utensils business in india

How To Start A Kitchen Utensils Business In India

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As we know that utensils selling is a traditional business across all over the world and practising it from ages by our ancestors. And with the changing world there has been changes keep on going. This business of utensils mart has its importance so much because the food and water which are the reason for our survival are both directly related to it. As such we need medium for making food and to eat it,also anything that help us to drink water easily.

This is true utensils are not the thing without which we didn’t eat or drink, but the fact is that we are able to eat or drink comfortably and easily with them. Otherwise we every day has to go in search of some leaves to serve our food, also coconut shell to drink water or have to eat by without them on floor. So, this utensils mart improves our luxurious life and kitchen standards. As with time the changes also made from stone utensils to copper or brass items to stainless steel. And for the Royal family’s silver or gold wares to now crockery or glass too. But the time has move one step ahead from this also as mostly people use induction or oven utensils which are made of toughed glass.


Following are the case studies of the successful utensil’s businesses:

  • # Sarathy: This is steel utensils shop in Delhi, India. It is famous for its reasonable price and service it provides. The owner of the shop always takes extra efforts to make the customer satisfaction to be done. Also, these are also the wholesale providers of steel utensils.
  • # Shree associates: This is shop in southern India that is Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This shop gest its fame from the variety of products available in this shop. Everything related to kitchen utility will available here. Also, they provide the fixed rate of any product that is bargaining is done while purchasing.


i) Strength

  • # Less start up risk and low budget business
  • # No special education and knowledge required
  • # Highly demanded business as included in basic need due to eatables.

ii) Weakness

  • # Utensils need to prevented from atmosphere changes as may get corroded.
  • # Requires time to grow and profit earning is slow

iii) Opportunities

  • # Stainless steel utensils wholesaler
  • # Starting an online selling or vendor making or distributor to a retailer

iv) Threats

  • # Franchise of big companies causes loss of local retailers.
  • # This business faces losses due to economic downturn.


The following are the perspectives of the marketing strategies:

  1. # Referring contacts: make the contacts to the known and the relatives for the referring of the customer for the utensils store promotions. Give the details about the business to residentials near the shop and the locality.
  2. # Email and text marketing: this is the formal way of promoting the business of utensils and making aware about the business and the customers. Wholesalers and the supplier also can be informed by emailing them, also the old clients can be kept updated with the recent business news.
  3. # Social media platform: these are the best online tools that help in advertising and the promoting of the business. Alsoplatforms like Amazon, Flip kart, Snapdeal can help in vendor making. Apart from that Alibaba, GoDaddy, just dial are the other resources for the business.
  4. # Hoardings and banners: attaching them in the public places andnear the market where lot people can gather help in promoting business. Banners can be attached to parlour, saloons, vegetable markets also as lot of women’s visit their and women are the maximum clients in the utensils store.
  5. # Maintaining public relations: keeping good relations with the clients, customers, distributors, dealers, supplier and all the supply chain agents help to get the business smoothly run. Also, they can help to bring maximum customers involved in business.
  6. # Discounting and sales announcements: frequent announcing of sales and the discount in the business make the clients attract more and customer started visiting habitually.
  7. # Feedback and reviews: taking the reviews form the customer and feedback from the employees as well as customer help in finding the lacunas. Nowadays customers check reviews of the shop before visiting any store as mostly on Justdial platform, so reviews do matter a lot in the success of the store.


As per the Indian Norms

  • # Gumasta
  • # Municipal/Nagar Nigam Registration.
  • # Business registration
  • # LLC
  • # Certificate of occupancy
  • # bank account of business
  • # GST registration
  • # Business insurance


  • # Place for shop/rented store
  • # Goods and additional items for selling
  • # Display counter
  • # Labours
  • # Electricity supply
  • # Online sales facility
  • # Transportation services

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