how to start a nail manufacturing business

How To Start A Nail Manufacturing Business

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Manufacturing business of nails is not that much complex process. But the demand of this business is abundant. This manufacturing process doesn’t require many machineries even two are sufficient and can be started at MSME’s level. The nail is basically the iron rod or shank that is pointed in one end and flat top with base at other. Which are used to mount wooden sheets or components into each other by hammering. The raw material is usually iron in manufacturing but now steel, aluminium or brass nails also available. The surface of the nails has been passed through coating process for its prevention rom the corrosion, appearance, gripping strength. The shape of nails manufactured and used mostly depends on the purpose of using it and functional area.  Nails mostly used in the house construction and furniture production. Starting nails manufacturing business is beneficial and profit earning.


The following are the case studies of the nails manufacturing business:

ENKOTEC: They are the leading producers of the nails production machinery globally for three decades. These company produce high rotary speedy machines as well as threading rolling machine, collating machine, nail counter packaging unit. Product development and the sales service be provided assurance.


i) Strength

  • Plenty of availability of raw material.
  • Minimum start up risk.
  • This business can be started at household level.

ii) Weakness

  • The expansion of business is time taking.
  • Low machine and material productivity.

iii) Opportunity

  • Association with vendors and distributors.
  • Development of exclusive products.
  • Growing of domestic and international market.

iv) Threat

  • The major threat to any business is economic downturn and its related consequences.
  • Limited scope of funds, and other problems like family owned business or private placements and public issues.


  1. There must be thorough study of the market served as before selecting any location to settled the manufacturing plant or business. So that penetrating the market in and around must be prime for the stake holders. Make the list of ideal customers and the market to capture so that time and energy not get wasted.
  2. There must be sending of letters, cover letters, brochures, portfolios to the construction companies, furniture manufacturing companies, mechanical production companies, equipment manufacturing companies and many more related to the nails manufacturing firms.
  3. There must be variety and plenty in production of nails, fasteners, bolts, nuts. Also, there must be use of attractive hand print bills to create awareness.
  4. While promoting this manufacturing business make the use of banners and hoarding. place all the banners in mostly construction site areas and near the wholesalers and distributors market. Pamphlets must be given to all retailers and the suppliers for the promotions.
  5. Advertisements must be done by using the online support like creating public account of business on following sites like Instagram, face-book, while dealers and the suppliers group awareness be done through WhatsApp and putting regular updates about it. Also making business blogs and regularly updating it with news, posting on LinkedIn platform and many more.
  6. Becoming the part of the online market by joining through the vendors profile on shopping and suppliers’ site as Amazon, Flipkart, Justdial and many more.
  7. Maintain the brand by ensuring all transport vehicles and staff members to have brand identity and logo.


The following are the basic steps in the supply process:

  1. # Plan: There must be accurate planning for the production to initialised. the planning of time required for the good to manufacture to enter into actual market and the profit raising, the supply of raw material, services provide and rate of production. this must be pre-decided which market has to be served and overcoming of market barriers.
  2. # Source: Raw material is the main source of nay production business and it must be good enough to withstand brand image. For that finding the best suppliers for the business but with the low-price having quality items. That should be precise and the loyal supplier without time delay.
  3. # Manufacture: Manufacturing is the important process in the supply chain management in this production process the product is turned from scrap raw material to finished good. The manufacturing involves certain additional steps that are producing, testing, packaging. The method of the manufacturing preferred matters as the finished good reflects it.
  4. # Deliver: Delivery is totally the logistic step of the marketing and the sales.The supplier that supplies the products to enter into the market with finished goods and serve the customers.
  5. # Return: This step requires strong network for the proper collaboration between the return of damaged and defective products and the exchange goods. The guaranteed product the fail in quality assurance must be returned to manufacturing unit by the networker.


  • # Production unit/place
  • # Raw material (iron)
  • # Nails making machine
  • # Nails polishing machine
  • # Labours/employees
  • # Electricity supply
  • # Transportation facility

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