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How To Start A Plywood And Hardware Shop

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Earlier, hardware and plywood shops words are not much familiar. But with the changing trend of modernizing houses, companies, schools etc started getting these terms so much in common. These stores of hardware an plywood make us available the items that are useful for our living houses and working places luxurious. They provide all the raw material that are necessary for our luxurious home like for furniture and wardrobes are made with plywood sheets, hardware tools, glue, mica and other finishing sheets, are supplied by these shops only. Also, for the doors and windows raw material like wooden sheets, latches, handles, glass, decorative mica and sheets, wooden bedding plates. Thus the starting of plywood mica retail business is profitable and demanding also. Also, the future of plywood industry in India is emerging day by day due to continuous growing of modernization in the field of the hardware and plywood business industries.


The following are the case studies of the retail hardware store business plan:

  • # GREENPLY INDUSTRIES LTD:  It is renowned name in the field of the manufacturing plywood in India, started by PS Mittal in 19993. The company has main branches in Delhi and Kolkata having 46 branches all over the country. Their speciality is decorative veneers, restroom cubicles, decorative laminates and fibre boards. The reason for the success of the firm is their marketing strategy and the quality products they delivered. Also, their staff’s performance is impressive and hardworking too.
  • # KITPLY INDUSTRIES LTD: This is India’s largest plywood manufacturing company having more than 10000 employees. Their founder Goenka’s incorporated in thecompany in 1982. They are the supplier of almost all wood veneer like plywood, black boards, laminates, adhesive etc. the reason for the success is that they provided the products which are 100% tested, that the reason customer trusted them fully. Also, they setup their offices in almost all directions of the country to have market captured by them.


i) Strength

  • # Employment is created in the plywood and hardware business.
  • # The initial setup cost is fully depend on the owner and market served.
  • # the plywood business margin is varying and high gross margin.

ii) Weakness

  • # The material in the plywood business is able to handle mechanical strength fu;;y but weak in climatic conditions as get corroded due to rain and moisture.
  • # The plywood and mica sheets need to be prevented from mushy places as gets damaged and broken adhesives also.

iii) Opportunities

  • # Starting a timber business in India is big opportunity in the plywood and hardware field.
  • # Contacting local retailers and distributors for the supply of the goods is profitable too.
  • # Referring schools, companies, offices, and architects for the availability of the raw material is beneficial too.
  • # Plywood and mica business have the opportunity and services available by the furniture manufacturer, carpenter too.

iv) Threats

  • # The plywood and hardware store has biggest threat from the seasonal changes as in rainy season wooden material absorbs moisture and chances of getting waste and hardware tools may get corroded.
  • # The retail hardware store business have threat from big firms and their franchise stores also the local wholesalers.
  • # The changing in the taxation of the governments rules is challenge.


the following are the marketing strategies of the plywood and hardware business:

  1. # Referrals: For the promoting this plywood and hardware store business use all the known referrals in the locales and the residential people for the supply, delivery and promoting.
  2. # Social media: For the purpose of marketing social media is the best option in the field of plywood and hardware. As with help of social media can contact for the supply and online purchasing of the material too.
  3. # Advertisements: For the advertisements use the hoarding, newspaper advertisements and also the doing so people gets to know about the store and visit fopr the purchase.
  4. # Quality assurance: The quality is the very important thing which customer demands if there may vary with the price but the product assurance is must. The customer must be satisfies with the quality and product and trust can be gained.
  5. # Customer feedback: The feedback is the best way in which owner get to know about the drawbacks and the missing services.
  6. # Discounts: Allowing some discounts in the materials and some budget deals helps to increase the number of customers visit in store and also the purchase.
  7.  #Skilled employees: The employees must be skilled in marketing and management also. They must be able to handle the     clients peacefully and must have full knowledge about the same.


  • # Place/shop
  • # Raw material (adhesives,laminates, bedding tapes, measuring tapes)
  • # Mica and plywood sheets
  • # Door/window/gates accessories
  • # Bathroom accessories
  • # Kitchen trolleys/bedroom and living room furniture accessories
  • # Catalogues of mica/plywood/accessories available of different brands
  • # Electricity supply
  • # Transportation facility
  • # Labours/carpenters


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