how to start an elderly home care business

How To Start An Elderly Home Care Business

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Traditionally, Indians used to live in a wide joint family and community. But the time changes customs and living ways too changes, thus the family which are earlier joint and combine big families are called as nuclear families. This majorly results in inconvenience of mainly elders or old aged parents, senior citizens, pregnant women’s, adult patients etc. This generates the necessity of establishing this business of elder care service business and gradually came into emerging. As they business runs on the service providing to elders like health care, medical facilities, attendant, in exchange of charges or fees as per the work.

The other reason for the growing of this business in rapid speed that due to the majority of population is working there requires the person to help the corporates, or working women or office going or school/college attending fellows to have some of the service or care with demand for fees.


The following are the case studies of the elder care business in India:

# NIGHTINGALES: They are the well settled elder is health care service company. they almost have the two decades of experience in this field. They are collaborated with the famous Mahindra group of companies. They provide their services in big metropolitan cities of Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad. They also provide service in the different fields and aspects like Doctor, consultation, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Dental care, stroke rehab, speech, and language therapy, wound care. They hired only experienced and well-trained professionals only.

# HEALERS AT HOME: They provide the health care services at the doorstep through healers. They are the Noida based startup company. They provide the health care, yoga and physiotherapy services at the door step. They have trained and well care professionals’ team. They provide nursing, attendant, mother and child care services at home.


i) Strength

# Elder care service business plan requires no special background to set up and office can be planned at in-house also.

# Elder care service business can be settled at low investment and capital.

# Eldercare service business got the employees easily as no special educational background and certificates required.

ii) Weakness

# Senior care service business has the feedback and fame fully dependent on the employees service and their care.

# Elder care business is not that much developed in India and many people are unaware of it.

iii) Opportunities

# Senior care service business plan has the opportunities in providing both the online and offline sources assistance.

# Elder care service business has the scope in getting clients at the jogging parks, society club, medical shops, hospitals, near the residential areas and premises etc.

iv) Threat

# Elder care service business has the threat from the similar business competitors.


The following are the elder care service business marketing strategies:

# The first step in starting this business marketing plan is the hiring of the best employees and co workers for working in this business. As this is service business, the employees here must be soft spoken, well behaved, kind hearted and caring.

# The following above criteria can be fulfilled by the candidate in getting the job, with some essential educational background. Because in some cases elders need the assistance of them e.g. reading medicine prescription, starting the video chat with the family, booking the flights ticket etc.

# The employees must provide the quality service and care to the customers. They should offer the assistance of 24 *7 in a shift as the extra plus facility compared to other competitors.

# Try to make the pricing low for the needy customers and additional benefits for other people, so as more customers get attract. While promoting make the offline promotions at the niche, so as they found mostly at offline mode.

# While online medium Facebook is also useful for posting the advertisement about this startup business. Make the advertisement and posters print at the public places especially gardens, sports club, hospitals, medical stores, jogging parks, etc.


# Office set up

# Employees

# Transportation facilities

# Online tracking and checking system

# Internet facilities

# Transportation facilities

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