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How To Start An Online Optical Business

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Due to the use of technology and all advance equipment in our day-to-day life health issues are continuously increasing. As the in our daily scheduled mobile, Television, Laptops, computer, tablets, screen projectors, all this being our partners, so we have to started spending so much time with them. This results in various health diseases; it effects our whole body but especially to our eyes. Resulting in the diseases like Myopia, Hypermetropia and dryness of eyes etc. All these diseases then Add one enemy in our life that is spectacle, I know some people like it but it is in general. Spectacles causes improvement in eye sight-ness which lacks due to certain diseases.

Thus, spectacle has become the part of almost every half or more than that population. This creates optical store business more demanding as heavy population is in demand all over the globe. The optical store dealer can also become dealers of sunglass dealers, spectacles lens dealers, contact lens dealer or optical lens dealer. these all can be start in one shop also or you can open your customized business also.


the following are the case studies of optical store business and how they successfully earned profit from spectacles shop:

  • # Lens-kart: This company or brand is one of the most popular optical and sunglasses providers of India. This is fully Indian based company of optical prescription eye wearables retail chain. It has almost 500 stores all over Indian market. The company’s service facilities and all over experience of the ordering to delivering product is the key to success t their business. Also, they made offline stores and that’s the plus point added to their growth.
  • #Titan eye plus: it is also one of the leading brands of optical world in Indian market. The company is basically a wrist watch brand but occasionally started spectacles business. The best thing about this business is that it provides negligible charges over the shipping and delivery. These are the business franchise who are the known for their service and also their quality, material and sturdiness matters.


i) Strength

  • # This business is easy to start and to end also.
  • # In case of any damaged, doesn’t affect you much, as these are not as costly.
  • # This business of optical store can vary the ranges as per the need.
  • # Labour or employees needed not much.
  • # Optical business doesn’t not require any maintenance procedure.

ii) Weakness

  • # The employees here must be responsible s it is related to someone’s body part and irresponsibility may damage it.
  • # The optical store is dependable on sometimes doctor’s reputation, people choose nearby store to have spectacles or as suggested by doctor.

iii) Opportunities

  • # In the summers, people visit more in optical store for sunglasses or goggles.
  • # The optical store is the business which earning profit all over the year due to demand for spectacles and loosing, tightening of optical.
  • # Corporates usually demand for the optical lenses or spectacles lens dealers.
  • # Old people mostly visit for related issues and vision problems.

iv) Threats

  • # As like every business, tough competition is the threat .
  • # Also the optical store has danger from irresponsibility of its employees as like exchange of lens number or broken optical, wrong medicine or expired one etc.
  • # Transportation is risky for the optical por spectacles goods , As chance of damaged or broken are more.
  • # Big companies like Lens kart are the biggest threat to small retailers.


  • # Optical /spectacles supplier: The optical store basic function is to provide spectacle and optical as per the customised number to patients. and facility makes you earn more profit from them, as mostly these are the visitors. The other thing is that they demand for different types of glasses also anti dust, anti-circle, non-breakable, anti-crash, and many more types. They choose frames also as per their age, their style and latest trend .so you need to make customised spectacle and optical in the optical store.
  • # Contact lens for spectacles: In recent time wearing optical were fashion, but trend has changed now people demand for contact lens more, specially youngsters and fashion you need to make customised lens as per their need and number of contact lens. they also demand for changing colour if contact lens as variety of colour are available in it.
  • # Sunglasses /goggles: Due to the increasing temperature the use of sunglasses has increased. this causes more demand in the optical store and hence makes you able to earn profit. There are also varieties available in the sunglasses and goggles.
  • # Sunglasses or goggles lenses: Those people who have spectacle was not able to wear both but due to heat it makes it compulsory so sunglasses contact lenses are the solution to it. Also makes easier for them to handle one wearable also.
  • # Eye drops and medicine: As every optical store is open nearby any ophthalmologist then you have to keep medicine as per the prescriptions of the doctors.
  • # Repairing of optical or goggles: As repairing old glasses, spectacles and frames of optical didn’t get you much profit, but the service you provide them, brings back more customers to you.

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