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How To Start Beauty Parlour Business From Home

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In the recent era the beauty has increases its value so much high. Every men’s want to look handsome and every ladies desire to be beautiful due to this they visits beauticians. This has created so much profit in this business. And the best part is they actually don’t do much just guide you or cover up you with some makeup calling stuffs. If make proper planning and put honest efforts by the businessman this business has the capability to make profit and can become so successful. Even small household beauty parlour owner earns good than the normal corporate employee. Its just that you need highly skilled person to handle up your business. If you have good employees your almost half work is done here.

This beauty parlours are usually now unisex spas or massage parlour. which offers you combo of full package during marriage, party’s, events. They have their package made like in marriage proposal they offered you mehandi’s, sangeet makeup along with bridal makeup, also they have their jewellery for rent and lehengas too. People can rent this from them also during college fest. Thus, this business is now the market of growing so rapidly.


This business has its demand from ongoing existence of humans. As every want to look good here is the business related to it grows. This are key features of the business that are required for its growth and expanding its roots. These are enlisted as:

  • # Marketing and advertising: At the initial stage they did strong advertising and kept it on doing unless business is on the growth and profit earning. Also their marketing was good to attract customers.
  • # Skilled labour: they choose their employees which are hard worker and honest towards their business. So you must be careful while choosing workers. They have loyal employers too. Their employees are fully known with latest technology and equipment and not outdated one.
  • # Discounts and extras: Time to time make they make a announcement of the sale at thier store so that more employees and customers can attract. Start giving discounts also.
  • # Feedback: It is very important to put feedback of your employees regularly. They do the feedback of customers and employees too regarding quality, pricing, service.
  • # Door to door service: It is now adays one of the most trending. As this causes customer efforts to minimize and give them satisfaction.
  • # Complementing customers: They keep on complementing their fellow clients and employees too is good for the growth of business. Due to this they get attract towards your parlour and feels good.

The best example for this type of business planning who did it before and become so successful and achieve profit is Urban clap firm and it application. Which follow all this above strategies and do proper planning. Urban clap app provides free door to door service with frequently offering discounts and extras having skilled labours.


i) Strength

  • # Easily practicable business.
  • # Easily setup business.
  • # Customers took service mostly in packages (2-3 services) that is beneficial for you.
  • # Requires no large space, you can do it in your residential place also.
  • # No costly machineries are needed.
  • # No need of lot of advertisements and marketing.

ii) Weakness

  • # Requires high maintainability.
  • # Have to use branded products only or guaranteed cosmetics only.
  • # Need skilled employees only.
  • # Have to be Cautious while using any product or tool on customers.
  • # Lot of mess is being created while doing work of barberry.
  • # Growth of business is in hands of your employees
  • # Reviews of your business also depends on your fellow workers.

iii) Opportunities

  • # Mostly demanding at time of festivals.
  • # Clients visit you monthly or weekly.
  • # At time of marriage or party they may hire you for their suitability and paid you extras.
  • # Also if you got a chance for bridal/grooming makeup you will earn as much as you earn in whole week within few hours.
  • # College fest or school gathering are also nice opportunities to earn extra.

iv) Threats

  • # As if any harm or cuts or bleeds by any employees you as the owner are responsible.
  • # Also if any of your employee did misdeed with any customer, you have to make sought of that or loose that customer.
  • # One more important threat to this business is you have to be alert about the skin type of customer ,so that product you are using may not cause damaged. Also have to test the product first as they may be allergic with specific chemical also.
  • # Have to be extra cautious while using products, as in case they are expired.


In this business it is totally depend on customer need whether he want to do hair cut only or massage therapy. Or in case of ladies they are arrive for facial, bleaching, waxing, threading, hair cutting, styling and many more. Also choices of services exceeds widely in women’s, your service may vary from need to extra service whether it make be hair blowing free with hair cur or else threading free with waxing and facial.

In this business service is fully customised and you cannot compulsory anyone for doing any kind of service. As in case of men they usually offer head massage free with cutting and styling moustache, beard. 


These are the perspective of beauty parlour:

  • # Opening own Beauty parlour: if you have budget expenditure set for the place or renting then you can set up your own business. Also, you can to initially buy the place or rent it. But before buying you have to do survey that in which locality you find more clients and less competition with no service provider nearby as you. After doing this only you have to make decision and rent it.
  • # Tie up with other service providers: if you are not able to collect initial capital for the business .then there is modern solution to that you may have heard about the urban clap they are also the service providers at doorstep do register with them if you have skills or else hire employees and assign them to urban clap. You can also at initially sent your employees at urban clap for advertising.
  • # Indoor service delivery: if you don’t have initial costing for opening your own business, But found out that urban clap may not be beneficial for you .As your profit are distributed then you may contact and make clients and do door to door delivery of your own service. Also you can make more profit from it.
  • # Unisex beauty parlour: for expanding your business you can add extra plus marketing to it just by making it unisex spa or parlour. As this can cause the concept of family saloon, as because customer can visit at you with their family also and their time gets saved and you earn extra.
  • # Domestic branches opening: if you are high on the peak of your business. Then start opening your branches in different locality in your cities. That adds growth to your firm.


As per the Indian Norms :

  • # Gumasta
  • # Municipal/Nagar Nigam Registration.


  • # Skilled employees
  • # Initial capital for any place to set up
  • # Tools / Equipment’s (steamer, trimmers, spa chairs and stools, dryers. etc)
  • # Branded cosmetics and products.
  • # Water supply or storage facilities
  • # Electricity
  • # Massage or spa therapeutics.

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