how to start cement shop business plan

How To Start Cement Shop Business Plan

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Infrastructure development in the world taken rise since many decades, still the development of them is on the path. In India, the scenario is not different, every second there has been starting of new construction project in India. As though the population is increasing, so as the demand for the construction of houses, offices, malls, shops, etc. are increasing. With all this happening, the cement business is on the rise to grow and profit earning. Thus starting the cement shop business is easy with no loss and having the greater profit at the recovery.


The following are the cement shop business case studies:

# UTLRATECH CEMENT LTD: They are the largest manufactures of the grey cement and concrete mix and other cement in India. They are the subsidiary of the Aditya Birla group. They have almost 20 integrated cement plants in India. They operate internationally also in different countries outside India. Their white cement sales under the name of the Birla white in market. They are the largest producer of the market based on the turn over and market share.

# AMBUJA CEMENT LTD: They are the one of the top producer of the cement in India. They are among the second largest based on turnover in India. The best thing about their company that they depends about 7.4 % power on the renewable sources. They are known for the producing the one of the finest and best quality of cement in India.


i) Strength

# Cement shop business plan can be easily initiated with low investment and capital.

# Cement retail business plan in India is profitable to apply as because of the increasing constructions day by day.

# Cement shop business can be easily manageable by anyone from any place.

ii) Weakness

# Cement shop investment is low but takes time to grow and capture the market.

# Cement store business has the risk of the maintenance of cement from the weather conditions mostly in rainy moisture season.

iii) Opportunities

# Cement shop business has the opportunity in selling the cement in near the residential colony, construction sites, new company renovation site, school/colleges/office/ malls new construction etc.

iv) Threat

# Cement shop business has the threat from the local market competition and the nearby shops.

# Cement shop business has the maximum expenses charge for the transporatation.


The following are the marketing strategies for the cement shop business:

# The location of shop is the key point of any growing business, so the cement shop must be at the place where its demand is maximum. The areas such as new residential colony, near theunder-construction sites, near highways and city roads etc.

# The promotions of the shop to be done with great efforts, both the online and offline methods to be used for it. Make the poster, banners of the shop opening and do the detailed advertising of shop.

# In the online advertising of the shop, make the product page on the Facebook platform and put regular updates on the apps like Instagram, WhatsApp of knowing the more people.

# Make the chain of as possible as customer, try to connect more in them. Announce usual discounts and sale on the shop.

# Available the transportation facility for the online and home delivery of the goods, this makes the added advantage to the business.

# Maintaining the quality of the goods in the shop and adding the proper rates quite lower than the market prices makes the profit at good level. Also helps in getting the customers increase in short duration at the initial stages of the business.


# Location setup for the shop

# Go-down space for the storage

# Goods

# Lifting tools and accessories

# Labours

# Payment facility

# Transportation services

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