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How To Start Flower Business From Home

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Flowers are the beautiful art of nature and we can endorse their beauty just by seeing, touching and smelling. The nature has gifted us the trees which are blessed with flowers and now we humans are perishing its beauty unethically. Though flowering has become the business and keeping its track on the profitable road of success.

Every home is studded with some garden flowers and small plants just to feel fresh. As when early morning sees them flowers gives us the feel of joy, enthusiasm and happiness. Flowers has been using for many purposes like from the birth occasion up to the resting in peace means to death bed also. They have very special purpose and type of using as per the occasion like in birth occasion fresh yellow flowers are used, death bed white flowers are used for peace, proposing love is done with red roses, in marriages orchids are used. Thus, the use of flowers is increasing and therefore the flower cultivation is profitable in Indiaand growth of business arises with the profit making.


The following are the case studies to start the flower business from home:

  • # Ferns N Petals: This is India’s largest flower retailers and one of world’s largest also having 240 and more outlets inn 93 cities . this firm was started in 1994 by VikaasGutgutia. The reason behind the success of the this firm is marketing and the strategic planning. They invested in the right venture for the profit making business and thus succeeded in making the franchise. Alsoth firm is capable of hard working and sincere.
  • # FlowerAura: This is the start-up-based firm but now started supplying flowers to almost 300 and more cities all over India. There channels are spread throughout Indian markets for supplying fresh cut flowers and on time delivery without any hurdles or stress free. They have technical team with strong management and operating skills ,this makes their orders to be delivered on time and customers trusted them. As the combos they also offered teddy bears, chocolates, gifts as the special bonus to their customers.


i) Strength

  • # There is no need of owning a place or land for the business as started household.
  • # Flower business can be started with low cost investment.
  • # This flower business from home doesn’t require many employees and there is no need of specific educational criteria.
  • # Settling of flower business not causes any pollution or harm to environment.

ii) Weakness

  • # As this flower shop business is totally dependent on nature, so in bad weather conditions like summers, autumn availability of flowers gets difficult.
  • # Flower shop online business can be run at good level, but in case of distance transporting may get failed as flowers can’t be stay fresh for longer interval.
  • # In case of flowers not sold fully then gets wasted or has to sell them steal at lower price.
  • # In this flower shop business, there can’t be bulk ordering of flower so as they get wasted.

iii) Opportunities

  • # The flower shop business from home has the opportunities when there is local parties, receptions, marriages, funeral, festivals, in your residential nearby area.
  • # Flower growing business is also the chance of profit making just by growing garden in your backyard and supplied it as per the demand.
  • # contacting the local temples, churches, gurudwaras, masjids, as they are daily consumers of flowers.
  • # Follow up of commercial places like complexes, community centres, hotels, restaurants, etc as they also have demand of flowers and bouquets.

iv) Threats

  • # The major threat to this business is weather conditions as like due to extreme conditions some flowers are not able to cope with this.
  • # The other reason is the increase in the prices of flowers causes less sell of products.
  • # Nowadays there has open various flower bouquets and which are giving tough competition.


  1. # Flower selling business
  2. # Retail flower bouquet
  3. # flower Growing business
  4. # Dry flower business
  5. # Flower bouquets and baskets décor
  6. # Traditional flower business
  7. # Event flower supplier
  8. # Daily flower distributor
  9. # Online flower delivering
  10. # Wholesaler of flower


  1. # Intense marketing: the marketing is the first step of customer attraction and the more the marketing the greater the advertisement of the flowers shop business. Therefore don’t be lack in marketing advertisements.
  2. # Customize service: as customer are key factor of the business earnings their proper service is the first religion of the business otherwise customers won’t attract at the shop.
  3. # Contacting referrals: Do contact the buyers and sellers in your list make them refer the business. Reference always put forth the direct deal between the customer and the seller. It proves effective in many cases.
  4. # Attractive Discounts: Discounts bring the customers to attain in your shop and also forced to shop more and in budget friendly deals.
  5. # Social media: Social media are the best tool for advertisement and contracting the deals many people can refer each other references for the business to grow.
  6. # Application tools usage: Apps can lead to access the customers directly online product and without efforts so develop own app is beneficial.
  7. # Pickup and delivery: This is the additional facility that can be provided buyt proves very effective for the customer satisfaction.
  8. # Regular feedback: This really helps to improve the performance and the business health also drawbacks can be detected easily.


As per the Indian Norms:

  • # Gumasta
  • # Municipal/Nagar Nigam Registration.


  • # Backyard
  • # Pots and vessels for the display
  • # Flower artists
  • # Flower supply
  • # Gardening tools if needed
  • # Decorative vases
  • # Transportation vehicles
  • # Bouquets artist and material


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