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How To Start Match Box Manufacturing Business

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Match sticks are the consumer goods that are invented after the man is fed up from creating the fire from the rubbing stones.They are the handy tools used for the starting a fire, when required. They are available in different types, sizes, boxes and of different use. They are generally used in kitchen, religious rituals, camp fires, industrial and school/colleges used. They are made from wooden sticks in which paraffin wax layer is coated. But the originally made from the ammonium phosphate that is seen in tip of the match these matchsticks and matchboxes comes under the consumer goods,products; starting this business of matchbox manufacturing business is profitable.


The following are the case studies of the matchbox manufacturing business:

# SS EXIM: They are the Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu based firm in India, started in 2010. They ranked as the prominent name under the export, trading and supplying of wide collection of agro products and chemicals. They are best known for their quality served. Their consistent efforts and the team work proved them and the succeeded in making the renowned name in the manufacturing match box.


i). Strength

  • # Match manufacturing business plan is easy to set up and requires low capital.
  • # Matchbox manufacturing process business requires the raw material that is abundantly available in cheap cost.

ii). Weakness

  • # This business of matchstick manufacturing in India has the fully automated machines available leads, which causes loss of employment.
  • # Matchbox making manufacturing plancan cause the afforestation due to the match sticks needed.

iii). Opportunity

  • # Matchbox business in Indiahas the opportunity in selling it to grocery stores, near temples, and many wholesale shops.
  • # Matchbox manufacturing business has the opportunity in selling online and door to door delivery.

iv). Threat

  • # Changing of the government policies and rules.
  • # Economic downturn.



The marketing plan of the matchbox manufacturing business:

  1. # The marketing starts with the choosing the proper location for the business, the location must be equipped with all the facilities and the market must be nearby that area.
  2. # While manufacturing of the product takes place, make there is not compromise with the quality of the product. They should be served best.
  3. # The pricing of the product must be decided by consulting with the marketing specialist. It should be like that attracts the most consumers.
  4. # Give the occasional discounts and also the announcement of the sale on the festive time.
  5. # While promoting, make the strong publicity ta the places where customers buy that product in more number like temples, utensils shops, grocery stores, candles shops.
  6. # Make the hoarding of the business and the pamphlets distribute in the public places.



The following are the point of the supply chain management of the matchbox manufacturing business:

# The first step in the supply chain is the selection of the location for the manufacturing. The place must be suitable for the business, so that goods loading and unloading can be easily done.

# The second is the arranging of the raw material for the manufacturing process and also the supplier for the material. That supplier must be at reasonable rate and on time delivery of raw material.

# The third step is the manufacturing of the matches and on the other side production of match box from the paper cutting and folding. That matches to be tested and quality to be verified before packaging.

# The fourth step is the packaging of the goods and ready them to sent to that they reach the desired market.

# The fifth step they entered into market and some of the goods passes from logistic chain of the supplier, dealers, wholesalers, retailers and finally they reach to customers. While few of them are passed to the door to door delivery and reach directly to customers.



The following are the machines required for the matchbox manufacturing business:

# Safety matchbox manufacturing machine= Rs. 45,000- 1.25lakh /piece approx.

# Box making machine- 39800-42000 approx.



  • # Location
  • # Raw material (ammonium phosphate, wooden sticks, paraffin wax, red chemicals)
  • # Matchbox manufacturing machine
  • # Binder, blower, chopper machines
  • # Matchbox making machine from paper pulp, paper cutting and folding machines
  • # Dryer convention belt
  • # Packaging facility
  • # Transportation facility
  • # Labours
  • # Electricity supply

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