how to start packaging business from home

How To Start Packaging Business From Home

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Packaging is the technique to protect any protect from getting damaged, spoil, waste, dirty or slate. Packaging prevents the item / material by covering itself from strong type of packing. There are various types of packaging are available there in the market like box, plastic, air tight, paper coating packaging etc. these types of packaging are preferred as per the product and conditions that need to be prevented. Nowadays due to the online demand of goods and services in the had increased so much that people almost shop online, so the packaging preferred is strong, durable and mechanically able to withstand the challenges of transportation. So due to demand ijn online shopping, import export of products from other places and transportation of goods and services, packaging business is emerging its importance and growth also. Therefore, starting the packaging business is beneficial.


The following are the case studies packaging business franchise:

  • # TPCL:  they are the India’s largest manufactures of the cartons, printed blanks, outer, litho- laminations, plastic cartons, blister packs, and shelf ready packaging. The reason for the success of this firm is that they have best advanced tools and equipment installed in their factories with having quality packaging and having packaging machine.
  • # PARKSONS: this is also India’s leading packaging solutions provider serving in the goods, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics, retail, apparels and other goods. They succeeded due to the innovations and patent packaging structures provides to the satisfy customers need. Also, they solve most problems of complex packaging needs.


i) Strength

  • # The start up cost is low to medium in to start packaging business at home.
  • # The number of employees needed are less in packaging business.

ii) Weakness

  • # Starting a packaging business requires time to grow and initially cash flow is also low.
  • # Skilled employees are needed who have the knowledge of packaging and technology needed.
  • # The packaging business is risky that if any fault or damaged of packaging then results in wastage of material or item inside and have to pay for them also.

iii) Opportunities

  • # The packaging business has global expansion in the market.
  • # Recycling of material and using of bio degradable material makes business to grow and enhance environmentally.
  • # Co branding with the other distributors and the wholesalers for the packaging business.

iv) Threats

  • # Highly dependency on the external supplier to packaging business.
  • # The economic crisis like deflation ,inflation affects.
  • # Competition with the international and local businesses too.


  • # Crates and pallets: This type of packaging preferred for the delivery and shipping services, where the product or material have to delivered or transport crates or pallets packaging is done. Also, they protect it from outer damaged and dust, while transporting it doesn’t affect the moisture and dust in the carrying products to truck.
  • # Shrink wrap: This type of packaging is mostly for the product to protect it from mechanical tension and also from damage. Shrink packaging is commonly used to protect it to packages to hold together also it visualizes the item easily.
  • # Vacuum packaging: Vacuum packaging is also for the foods but mostly that need to be went to trips, camping that is to dehydrated food. That it eliminates oxygen from the packaging it preserves he item inside for the longer duration. also beneficial for the medical material.
  • # Preservation packaging:This typeof packaging is especially for the food items and eatables that is to keep them fresh, protected and safe. Also done for the soft and elegant things like cushion, they also require preservation packaging.
  • # Shock mount packaging: This packaging is especially for electronic and chemical components, that is to protect them from dust, dirt, humidity.also, this is very strong packaging technique for the protection of shock or vibrations.



  • # Business registration
  • # LLC
  • # Certificate of occupancy
  • # GST registration
  • # FSSAI license
  • # Bank account of business
  • # Gumastha license
  • # Business Insurance


  • # Place
  • # Tools and equipment as per the type of packaging
  • # Raw material as goods needed to be packed
  • # Pouch packaging machine
  • # Electricity
  • # Employees
  • # Transportation facility

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