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How To Start Papad Making Business

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Papad is like the substitute additional food item that is served before main course or with the main course in lunch and dinner. Papads are usually starters that are eaten while having meals and contains proteins in it. they are made in summers while use throughout the year by storing and are made by deep frying or roasting them. As this is typical Indian food item, it is exported outside the India also due to its increasing demand. this causes to get papad making business a great profit and benefit.

Papad are made basically from different types of dal(grains), like urid, moong, oats, multigrain, rice, masala and some are of vegetables and pulses papad also available like mushroom, carrot, raw mango, pumpkin, potato, jackfruit, garlic,tomatoetc. as that much of the varieties are available in this business, causes to be customised the order.


The following are the case studies of the papad making business:

# F&P: F&P that is the fresh and pure papad firm is the leading manufacturers of the papad in the Jodhpur, Rajasthan. they enlarged their business up to such heights that they are leading exporters of papad in the country as well in outside the India. their speciality is they served all the custom-made products as per the need of the customer, as they manufactured all types of papad with hand made also and machine made papad too.

# LIZZAT: this is the firm that is basically run by the women’s and it is the best example of the women empowerment. This lizzat organisation is based on Mumbai run by the Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat papad since 1959. They are the one who keep all the patience and hard-work at the peak to succeed in their business.


i). Strength

  • # Papad manufacturing business is low cost business and no extra efforts require.
  • # To start papad business at home is very easy and doesn’t need separate accommodation for it.

ii). Weakness

  • # Papad making business profit is of low margin as business has very small investment and cannot be widen.
  • # Extra care and proper packaging are required to do to this papad making business In India at the time pf transportation.

iii). Opportunity

  • # Papad production business in India, has the opportunities in selling at the local grocery stores, canteens,hotels, restaurants, tea stalls etc.
  • # Papad making business has the chance in selling it online with various websites and super markets also and creating franchise.
  • # Papad making business need to be sell the products place to place at residential buildings and offices.

iv). Threat

  • # Papad making business has the threat from changing of government policies and rules.
  • # While transporting there is risk of the papads may get crack, broken or waste.



# The marketing of papad making business is done mostly by visiting place to place,as digital and online sale are not that much effective. Sometimes, have to visit the nearby shops, all local grocery stores, canteens, hotels, tea stalls and small food stalls for selling samples of the papad for trials.

# Visiting residential places and residential building’s society’s is also the effective way of marketing and selling both. Also gathering at the women’s offices and beauty parlour for the marketing, as women are the one who buys majorly.

# Then the other option is the making the hoarding at the public places like vegetable market,clothes centre, food mess etc. by online promoting on Facebook page and Instagram blogs also helps in maintain marketing.



# Place: as this papad making business is typical summer business of household women’s and rural areas, due to the reason that they need dry and hot weather choose the location which is humid free.

# Flour making: due to variety of demands in market, there need customise flour making of the atta from the grains.they mix two or three grains for making and also some vegetables papad also available.

# Mixing or grinding: then after the collection of the grains, those grains are grinded into the fine paste. Every fine flour keeps different from another.

# Dough making: after that dough is make from those grinding mixtures and in it black pepper and salt is added with water.

# Moulding into shape: then the labours used to give the proper the circle shape to the small balls of the flour dough and make perfect circular papad of them.

# Drying & storing: then this papad are proceed to the drying area where they are dried in the heating area under the certain temperature without heating.

# Supply to market: as they are dried, they are ready to do packaging of the product and sent directly to the market. Where they reach to groceries stores, food exhibitions, food canteens, hotels, homes.

# Instant ready: then they are to roast for customer’s serving and eat.


  • # Location
  • # Raw material like papad atta (flour), pepper, salt, oil etc.
  • # Tools like rolling stick (belan), making board or surface etc
  • # Raw material supplier or grains availability from own farm
  • # Labours (mostly women are skilled in making)
  • # Packaging and sealing equipment’s’
  • # Transportation facility

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