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How To Start Pet Business

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Since olden times, animals always been part of human families. Traditionally our ancestors used to pet and trained many animals like horse, elephants, camels. These animals then they used them in wars as the rides or proving their power. But now this won’t be happened and not allowed also as government put strict laws against them. But still there are some animals which we can pet them like rabbits, birds, fishes, dogs, cat, cows, goat, camels, buffalo, bull etc. among these all domestic animals some are used as pet or loved ones while other as the source of bread and butter for the needy.

The pet store is the place where we can find all the essential required for our pet animals like food, warm clothes, chains, their pet houses, utensils, medicines and many stuffs related to them. There is increase in the number of pet of animals in the houses especially dogs, as almost in every home we found at-least one dog or cat.


The case studies for the pet store business are as follows:

Doggie Dabbas: This is also start-up organization; whose aim is to provide healthy and nutritious food to pets also. This is store where they provide home cooked food with traditional method into the packaged dog food. They are known for their quality service and reasonable price.

Bark loot: This is the start-up-based firm. This start up is of Usha Raghav, who started online platform as the love for his dog. She delivers the pet health products after the subscription is buy by the pet owner and then she delivers the mental and physical health products at their doorstep.


i) Strength

  • # This pet store business doesn’t require lot expenses to start.
  • # The goods here are not so costly.
  • # This business don’t require lot of employees to work.
  • # Can be started at home level business also.

ii) Weakness

  • # This business of pet store requires time grow.
  • # Limited set up ,less chances of expanding.

iii) Opportunities

  • # Diversities in various pets like cats, dogs, fishes, birds, rabbits.
  • # Expanding sales by online delivery.
  • # Developing deals with wholesale dealers and distributors.
  • # Promoting of supply chain and additional stores.

iv) Threats

  • # Tough competitors affect the growth of pet store business.
  • # Changing in the rules of government causes loss of sales.
  • # Due to high price products middle class people avoid buying it extra.


The operational plan for the pet store business to start is as follow:

  1. # Plan a business: make a proper plan to start a pet store business and make financial expenses also calculate it. As per your financial expenses decide type of business to start.
  2. # Decide market to serve: as per your pocket expenses: depending upon your income you can decide to serve which market wholesale pet store or retail pet shop. Otherwise which pet stop to open all types of pet services to open or selected one.
  • # Find location: after the decision of pet store business, you have to find the perfect location for your shop to start and owning land.
  1. # Own land: own land as per your need and pocket expenses and complete the legal procedure regarding the same.
  2. # Open store or rent it: if you don’t have enough money to buy a land and for the construction then simply rent it and gave them monthly rent as per your limit.
  3. # Registering a business: this is the legal process you have to complete it for starting pet store business and some other legal formalities also.
  • # Opening of business bank account: nowadays mostly transactions are done online or by card for this you have make your separate bank account for the payments. Or in stalled apps like BHIM, Pay-pal, Phone pe, google pay etc.
  • # Marketing: for earning profit and attracting customers promotions are important and must be done with full power and eternity. These help you earn most of the customers.
  1. # Availability of all varieties: keeping all the varieties and stuffs for every type of pets makes you catch different customers and help you earn more. also demand for the products also increase.
  2. # Providing quality service: quality service is the key for which most of customers visits shops for buying rather than purchasing online.
  3. # Sales and discount: start announcing sales and discounts occasionally to attract customers.
  • # Expanding: once you are stable in the pet store business think of expanding it and make plans according to it.


  • # Shop or store
  • # Interiors as per the theme of pets
  • # Goods
  • # Electricity
  • # Medical physician
  • # Pet barber
  • # Food items for pet
  • # Spa for pets
  • # Display of various things to sold

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