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How To Start Rubber Stamp Business

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Rubber stamp business is originally making of particular ink or dye that is applied to an image or logo or pattern that passes through various processes like carving, moulding, laser engraving or vulcanized into sheet of rubber, plastic or polymer. Rubber stamps has the various applications in the field of business, education, packaging, arts and crafts, textiles, and most importantly animal marking. There have been various rubber stamp businesses set up and running very smoothly with heavy profit. Due to opening of new companies and shops each new day, the scope of rubber stamp business is expanding and also rubber stamp making machinery business. In the field of rubber stamp business, the automatic flash stamp making machine brings new changes and the advancement.


The following are the case studies for the doing rubber stamp business:

  • ELEGANZA: They are the premium rubber stamps brand in India. They started their firm in 1995 in Kolkata with the small office having almost 10 employees. Now the firm has almost 150 and more employees. They offered almost every types of stamps with technical support and the marketing guidance. They also supply online delivery of product for the distance clients and their speciality are the customer support they provide to each and every client.


i) Strength

  • # This rubber stamp business can be expanded widely and franchise is done also.
  • # Rubber stamp business can be started at household level as by making traditional stamps.
  • # Starting the rubber stamp manufacturing machine business is profitable too.

ii) Weakness

  • # This rubber stamp business is risky to run.
  • # The rubber stamp making machine price is costly and needed other equipment also to manufacture rubber stamps.
  • # at household level only traditional stamps can be created to start the professional rubber stamp at home extra machinery has to be added and efforts too.

iii) Opportunities

  • # contacting local business mans, and the corporates for the availability of stamps.
  • # Demanding the contacts for the supply of products from wholesalers, retailers, distributors.
  • # Making the partnership with the big firms and the local franchise stores for the supply.
  • # Starting the supply of rubber stamps online is also demanding.

iv) Threats

  • # the growing competition in the field of rubber stamp business makes this business tough to run.
  • # The government norms are also changed and new rules has been implemented causes difficulty to grow.
  • # There is risk of scam or fraud of misusing anyone’s stamp and the overall responsibility falls on owner of business.


There are three basic rubber stamp types:

  • # Traditional rubber stamp:  In the traditional stamp wooden piece is used as the mounted material and the holder. In this stamp ink can refillable when ink is dries up and can be most affordable type of stamp. It can be used for the large imprint also. These stamps have drawbacks that the image is blurred due to insufficiency in ink or pressure mismatch. These stamps are mostly used by crafts artists.
  • # Self-inking stamp: These self-inking stamps have the mechanism to fill ink given to the rubber. Ink pad is in mounted into the stamp. It can be used by the professional or for the important things as mess and untidiness can’t be occurred because of this. It is commonly known as printy and can be pushdown only to print the image.
  • # Pre inked stamp:  These types of stamps are the most particular in their work but the most expensive one. As due to most convenience dye is built into body itself. They produce exact images and most accurate patterns. They are mostly used by the corporates and for the confidential tasks.


i) Traditional method (inexpensive, takes longer period)

  1. # Vulcanizing of rubber in press
  2. # Using mould have shape
  3. # Mould is made by joining letters.

ii) Modern method (expensive, fastest way)

  1. # Use of rubber stamp making machine in manufacturing
  2. # No need of labour attentions


  1. # Gumastha
  2. # Business registration
  3. # Bank account of business
  4. # GST registration
  5. # LLC
  6. # Certificate of occupancy
  7. # Business insurance


  • # Manufacturing unit or place
  • # Stamp mounts
  • # Professional rubber stamp making machine/ laser printer
  • # computer
  • # photo polymer resin, liquid plastic material, red rubber stamp material (raw material)
  • # labours
  • # electricity supply
  • # transportation facilities

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