how to start scrap kabadi business

How To Start Scrap Kabadi Business

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Since the invention of metal had done, its usage is been increasing day by day. There is no filed where metals are not used or available like from jewellery, we wear to automobiles we drive, everything is made up of metals and metals like substance. Similarly, with plastic it is becoming substitute of most of substance like leather, cloth, metals, stainless steel, etc. everyday use of plastic and rubber is so much and is increasing rapidly. But there is nothing wrong in increasing used if the substance is not harmful, the case is that rubber, plastic both are every hazardous to nature and causes pollution. So, starting a scrap business is very good option for the nature as well for the mankind, as recycling products causes less generation of plastics and rubber. thus, starting of scrap business is good and beneficial also as it gets good profit from it by selling metals and plastic as raw material.

Ferrous metals: the metals which are obtained from various electronic gadgets like refrigerators, stoves, old machines and that are collected for the recycling purpose. Which are recycled for the further use along with has extra magnetic attraction and iron contained are ferrous metals.

  • # Alloys of various like steel
  • # Stainless steel
  • # Carbon steel
  • # Iron
  • # Cast iron

Non-ferrous metals: the metals which are obtained from the spare parts of machineries. Also, which has less magnetic attraction and iron proportion are nonferrous.

  • # Aluminium
  • # Brass
  • # Copper
  • # Gold
  • # Iridium
  • # Lead
  • # Magnesium
  • # Silver
  • # Tin
  • # Zinc


The following are the scarp business case studies :

  • # Hindustan Traders: these are the scrap traders in the southern part of the country in Hyderabad city. they collect the scrap and then sold them by doing by different processes on them. processes like recycling, dismantling, organised, distributed among all metals, non-metals, plastic, rubber and then finally transported to the dealer.
  • # Rana Irons: Rana irons is the store in the cleanest city of India that is Indore, Madhya Pradesh. As the name suggest this store owner collects the scrap of iron material and sell them to wholesalers, suppliers, dealers, companies too. The reason behind the success of this store is the organised and well-planned service they do. Also, this store that expanded its branches into the more stores.


i) Strength

  • # Metals gets reused which causes proper utilisation of metals.
  • # Plastics are recycled that helps in nature conservation.
  • # Surrounding environment gets cleaned due to scrap collection business.
  • # Buyers gets metals in less price by scrap collectors and they also get income from it.
  • # Those who have less income for starting business can settled scrap business easily.

ii) Weakness

  • # During the collection of scarp rusted metal can cause harmed.
  • # Transportation requires more cost than the actual profit in the kabaddi business.
  • # Dismantling scrap needs efforts to remove from machines.

iii) Opportunities

  • # Do the partnership with the companies that requires metals, plastics, non-metals, as the raw material.
  • # Scrap business has the opportunity with the old machineries, gadgets, equipment’s, gathering from the localised.
  • # Scrap business online handling has also scope and opportunities that is client finding, material requirement, franchise of scrap, supply needed of raw material.

iv) Threats

  • # Government has implemented various laws on metals and waste management.
  • # Increase competitors is also the threat.
  • # The budget requires for the management of waste more than the profit earned.


  • # Automobiles recycling
  • # Battery recycling
  • # Compost and food waste
  • # Electronics recycling
  • # Metals recycling
  • # Glass recycling
  • # Chemicals
  • # Paper recycling
  • # Plastic recycling
  • # Stainless steel recycling
  • # Rubber recycling
  • # Wood recycling
  • # Waste and disposal recycling


  1. # owning a place or go down for scrap storage where business work can be proceeded like storage of scrap, dismantling, and very selling and buying can be taken place.
  2. # buying or renting a transportation vehicle for collection is very essential because the whole process of scrap starts from this, as scrap business first step is top collect scrap locally or from dumb place
  3. # collection of scrap from people buying scrap from people in less price and then collecting it in vehicle and then passes it to scrap collection location of your scrap business.
  4. # protection suite or kit wearing is must for the safety and prevention of health, injury and accidents, as labours have to work in disorganised metal and scrap hills.
  5. # dismantling the parts of gadgetsis required because it contains small elements like screw, winding or copper wire, shaft, rotor, and various small accessories.
  6. # distribution of scrap as per the type is needed so that all metals gets separated like ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics, rubber, stainless steel and non-metals.
  7. # keeping a eye on demand of metalsso that the company which required raw materials and that already is stored to you for the selling purpose.
  8. # selling to the buyers as per the deal is crack with any individual or company supply that raw material to the buyers in exchange of money.


  • # Place
  • # Electricity
  • # Protection suite and gear
  • # Dismantling tools
  • # Magnetic belt
  • # Storage collectors
  • # Transportation vehicles for collection and import
  • # Labours

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