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Language Translation Service

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Content available in text books, digital platform, government letters, etc need translation into locale language. So these translations generate a home based business opportunity to the people who have good communication skill in different language. World is divide into countries, each country divide into states which have their own living style, culture, language. But nation work on single language so most of time government documents are in either local language or national language which need appropriate translators. Old book of poems, rhythm, spiritual, cultural art need translation service for understanding of knowledge. This article focus on new opportunities in field of language translation service.


Translation service provide by most of freelancer people who get work from online platform. Further people get regular work from magazine, newspaper, Journals, media house, etc. So case study of some online sources are present in below points:

  • # Jrlanguage: Provide translation in HR translation, Marketing, Game Translation, Medical translation etc.
  • # One Hour Translation: This online desk work globally in field of engineering translation, Game, Marketing, E-commerce, Tourism, Government, Legal.
  • # Marstranslation: This is another online portal which translate voice, video, text content in different global language like Hindi, Chinese, English, etc. They provide solution for research publication, books, Legal papers, etc.


Translation service need specific people which are not available around you. So marketing of this skill depends on digital platform as continuous work of particular domain (Language A to Language B) is random. So some of social sites which help people to get this kind of work are:

  1. # Freelancer: On this site people can create its profile and provide solution around the globe. Further people can showcase there client comments to attract new customer.
  2. # Fiverr: This is similar platform as freelancer so translator can create there profile and wait for people to get his choice of work.
  3. # Translator can contact publisher of related language put there resume and provide sample content, experience, to get work.
  4. # Contact media house and local government office where you can justify your work and get regular work at your rate (price).
  5. # Join social platform and join group where you can get response for your work.


i) Strength

  • # Zero investment home based business
  • # Daily requirement
  • # No loss to keep any stock

ii) Weakness

  • # Anyone can start this business from home
  • # Judgement of your translation depends on other perception.

iii) Opportunity:

  • # School, college, university new syllabus, book.
  • # Start from your own home no need of shop or showroom
  • # Wide variety of new courses like music, technical, art, etc.

iv) Threat:

  • # Knowledge of translation subject is must
  • # Translation takes time as mistranslation in legal document lead to different meaning 


Facilities and Space: One separate room in home/shop

Equipment / Technology: Computer, printer 


  1. # Security Deposits / Advance / Token before translation of content
  2. # Discount to regular customer
  3. # Late submission / Returning penalty
  4. # Transport / Delivery / Receiving conditions
  5. # Transparency of receiving and issue of conten
  6. # Refund of money (Mistranslation of content)
  7. # Plagiarism policy
  8. # Charges as per area of content (Technical, legal, Game, Marketing, etc)
  9. # Per Word cost in USD / Rupees / etc


Manpower Requirement, Implementation Cost Computer, Furniture, Electricity, Rent, Transport / Delivery System

Some of Basic question one should find before they start there work are:

  1. # Target audience? (Man, Women, Children, Age)
  2. # Collection and Distribution medium? (Home Delivery / Counter / Online)
  3. # Pricing calculation as per type of content and number of days to submit?
  4. # How much money one should take as advance/token against content? How to calculate it?
  5. # How to maintain customer when bulk requirement generate?
  6. # Online startup webportal solution?
  7. # Digital marketing support of work?
  8. # What to put in profile to begin?

Get answer of above question from industry people of same domain by paying 6$ or 450 Rs.

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