how to start marriage bureau business

How To Start Marriage Bureau Business

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marriages are the bond not only between the two persons, but also, they bond between the two families, two different societies. Marriages are the happiest moment for the parents and the couples, their need to be perfect matching partner for both of them. Perfect and good partner makes the life easy and happy going. So due to this marriage bureau business came into the formation. For providing the tailor partner and the perfect matching pair for the both the families these bureaus help a lot in making the lives happier.

In India, most of the marriages till now also gets arranged marriages, so there is big role of the marriage bureau business in India. But not exactly in foreign countries, there is less chances of the getting successfully runs of the marriage bureau.


the following are the case studies of the marriage bureau business in India:

# ELITE MARRIAGE BUREAU: They are the Delhi based firm started a decade ago. They have been the best matrimonial bureau in south Delhi in the last 11 years. They guarantee to provide the quality service to customer and their families. They never compromised on the quality profiles and appropriate match making for all their members. They have almost 80 people highly professional team for the guidance and the managing the services.

# IMPERIAL WEDDINGZ:  They run the successful matrimonial bureau business with providing the quality service. The interesting and most attracting thing about their studio is that they provide the facilities such as the photo shoot, video profiling, Vaastu and astrology consulting, investigation, pre and post marital counselling, family thoughts bridging and many more platform guidance they provide. They not in India but also in abroad provide the quality services.


i) Strength

# Marriage bureau business model is easy to setup and with the less efforts.

# Marriage bureau business ideas is in much demand, as majority of marriages in India is arranged.

# Marriage bureau business can be easily set up by anyone and without any educational or any special background.

ii) Weakness

# Marriage bureau business plans is good, but takes the time to grow and profit margin is low.

# Marriage bureau business in India area affected by the online marriage website or portals.

iii) Opportunities

# To improve marriage bureau business, make the online portfolio seeing facility available or make the business at online mode too with offline office set up.

# Marriage bureau business has the opportunities in catching the middleclass or lower middleclass clients who has not liable on online platforms for their proposals.

iv) Threat

# Marriage bureau business is threatened mostly by the online marriage proposals sites like

# The local marriage bureaus is also the challenge to the marriage bureau business.


The following are the marketing plan for the marriage bureau business:

# This business can be started from the household business type also. But the condition is the place must be near the public and chaos of city or town. Just be setting up the office the bureau can be started and run successfully.

# But if the place of the house is on the out skirts of the city, then it is difficult to run the business. So, try to own the land or rent office near the city chaos, so that lot of people can easily get the address an find the spot.

# While promoting the business, try to make the contact to the marriage agents and in-house mediators who has lot of known contacts and info about this customer.

# This mediator can help a lot in this business, also they help out in promoting and attending the clients in the bureau business. Also giving the detailed knowledge to the customers and while promoting too.

# Register the business in various online marriage profiles and make the detailed online advertisement planned to telecast in the local news channel.

# Published the content advertisement in the local newspaper and print the pamphlets of them. Try to do advertisement in the nearby local villages, so to attract the customers there.

# Keep all the facilities at the marriage bureau business to impress the customers with the quality service and quality content. Just that keep the waiting area clean with the tea, coffee and other snacks arrangements with the air cooling and proper ventilations and interiors


# office set up

# registration counter

# waiting area

# offline/online proposal seeing facility

# catalogues of desired candidate

# payment options

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