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Mobile Shop Business Plan

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The most advanced invention in the field of science is phones that talking specifically mobile phone. These remote phones has created the history in the field of technology and human lives. They not only make our life easier with remote operations but also smoother by providing all the knowledge of world in our pockets. Due to all these reasons in the last two decades the use of mobile phones is increase that much that almost 85% of families carry at-least one phones. Thus, with the growing markets of mobile phone including smart phones manufacturing of mobile phones is increased and therefore causes the sell increase too. Because of this, to start mobile phone business is beneficial and profitable also. The future of the mobile phones is also brighter and mobile phone business is expanding its limits.


the following are the case studies for the mobile shop business tips:

  • # FLIPKART: This is online shopping company which sells almost all the products online from clothing, groceries, furniture, plants, laptops and mobile phones also. They mostly occur profit from mobile phones and clothing’s among that mobiles are highly shared. As these brands make available all the updated mobiles at the site and for the shopping the when the phone is launched. Also delivered fast with two days if pay extra that have emergency service also and door delivery is the advantage.
  • # RELIANCE STORE: These are the franchise of the reliance industries namely as RIL in which they open stores by named reliance digital store in almost every cities of the India in-fact in small towns too. These firm is very rapidly growing its franchise all over the India and capturing the market with the availability of all products with big discounts.


i) Strength

  • # This mobile shop business is easy to set up and dissolve also.
  • # Mobile phone shop business can be started at household level also and doesn’t required extra accessories.
  • # This mobile phone business require not much investment.
  • # The employees needed are less and so thus expenses reduce.

ii) Weakness

  • # The mobile phone business needs skilled employees that much have technical knowledge and information about the phone and its operations.
  • # This business required quality products that may have quality assurance with warranty.
  • # Mobile phones business store doesn’t needed to order stock in bulk as updated mobile phones needed o order weekly.

iii) Opportunities

  • # Contacting the suppliers,distributors andwholesalers for the demand of phones.
  • # Partnership with various firms for the supply.
  • # Making the contract with the local franchise shops for the supply and demand of phones.

iv) Threats

  • # The mobile phones store has the biggest threat from the online shopping companies which sells branded mobiles on lesser price and discount in bulk.
  • # There are plenty of international mobile accessories wholesale online available, this causes to sell less in number in the stores.
  • # Government imposes various taxes on the import and export of the mobile phones.
  • # Daily new mobile phones are launched regularly, this causes the customer to demand new updated version of mobile phones and old model gets wasted or sell in lesser price.


The following are the marketing p’s to start the mobile phone shop:

  • # Planning: At the time of starting any business make the proper forecasting and detailed market study. Planned in which mobile phones market want to serve and clients and customers need.
  • # Promotion: The promoting any business is very necessary as because can gained the number of customers for the business. Also, in mobile store the clients must know what type of products they get type of accessories serving and all detailed information.
  • # Presentation: The store appearance must be good and proper ventilated. Also the presentation of products and accessories must be accessible well with detailed statistics submitted to client before selling them any product.
  • # Product: The product is the main part of any business and it must be proper with fine quality and durability. Also the product available in the store of every brand, type and size and make the customers have plenty of choices for the phones and its accessories.
  • # Price: For the phones and mobile accessories the pricing must be reasonable so that it can be accessible to all type of customers, having the proper pricing as per the company standards makes customers to buy more and extra and hence profit increases.
  • # Public Relations: The public relations must be maintained proper and good for the future reference of the customers. Also keep the contact with the customers on regular basis so that they don’t loose the customer-ship.


  • # Store
  • # Mobile phones/smart phones
  • # Headphones/chargers/data chords and other accessories
  • # Bluetooth speakers and headsets
  • # Sim cards and memory cards
  • # Recharge facility
  • # Mobile phones accessories like back and front cover, glass screen, cases,holder
  • # Mobile stands and other tools
  • # Online service facility
  • # Transportation facility
  • # Employees

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