As the demand for such plates is increasing it is best to set up paper plate business with buyback agreement that will not involve the marketing part of yours.

Paper Plate Business With Buyback Agreement

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How to Start paper plate business with buyback agreement Successfully

These days paper plates have gained tremendous importance as they are environmentally friendly. The banning of plastic in some countries also raised the demand for paper plates. Such plates are highly in demand at parties, functions, hotels, meetings, etc. These plates are manufacture from grease-proof paper, greyboard, kraft paper, and such similar material.

As the demand for such plates is increasing it is best to set up paper plate business with buyback agreement that will not involve the marketing part of yours. These companies supply raw materials and machinery to businessmen and purchase the finished products as per agreement. This is some basic details regarding the paper plate business.

Benefits of paper plate business with buyback agreement in India

  • Highly profitable business
  • Products are currently in demand and are expected to increase in the future.
  • No special skills are involved in this manufacturing business.
  • Government funding available.
  • Requires fewer workers as the maximum of the work is done by paper plate making machines.
  • Easy to start business and buyback model available.

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Basic necessities of paper plate business with buyback agreement in Hyderabad

  1. Company name and registration
  2. Suitable factory location
  3. Factory environmental issue
  4. Own land/leased land
  5. Funding own/loan
  6. Power requirements
  7. Storage godown
  8. Machinery safety rules

Raw Materials considered necessary for paper plate business with buyback agreement in Delhi

  • Suitable kind of paper(bottom reel and printed PE paper)
  • Paper plate manufacturing machinery (cost nearly 8 lakhs)
  • Colored inks or dyes(cost nearly 1.5 lakhs)
  • Packaging material


Working capital

5 lakhs

Plant machinery

2.5-3 lakhs


11 lakhs




The paper plate manufacturing process comprises of these stages-

Stage 1:

In this, you have to plan an attractive design of the plates so that your plate looks better and attractive than those available in your local market. You can also make customized plates as per orders who want their business name to be imprinted on the plate.

Stage 2:

Now in this step there is tightening of the required area of the paper by circling it. It decides the size of the plate.

Stage 3:

The paper plate is heated to obtain the flexibility to turn them in the desired shape.

Stage 4:

In this step, the sides of the plate are folded or rimmed to give the shape of a plate

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I hope that now you are well aware of the paper plate business with buyback agreement. Apart from this if you are confident you can do this business without the buyback agreement. For this, you have to do the marketing part on your own by understanding your local market. In case you have any inquiries about machinery for this business you can contact myb2bidea via chat support. We also have expert consultants who can guide you regarding this business.

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