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Pasta Vermicelli Manufacturing Business

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Pasta is the fully Italian snack consumed in the meal also, while adding fresh vegetable to them while cooking makes them healthier meal. While vermicelli is the Indian snack which usually consumed in the breakfast, but they are mostly produce in the summer season. As because they need to be dried in summer season. Due to influence of the outer culture, their has been increased in the consumption of the pasta more. Thus starting the pasta &vermicelli manufacturing business is profitable.


The following are the case studies of the pasta & vermicelli manufacturing business:

# WEKFIELD:    This is one of the top brands of the pasta in India, due to its yummiest taste. The fact about this brand that made them sold much in amount that they manufactured not by corn flour (Maida), but guarantee to produce by semolina. They also produce the pasta in different shapes and sizes too, which is quite attractive.

# DEL MONTE:  This is also a famous manufacturing pasta brand in India. They are famous for their cylindrical penne pasta. They are at the pinnacle in best pasta brand imported in India.


i). Strength

  • # Pasta manufacturing in India is in much demand, so doing this pasta and vermicelli manufacturing business is profitable.
  • # Pasta making business in India requires low investment and low capital to start.

ii). Weakness

  • # To start pasta making business, there requires patience to wait for the business to grow as it requires time to have the profit.
  • # Pasta manufacturing business for sale doesn’t owned that much profit, as the machineries are cheap in cost.

iii). Opportunity

  • # Pasta manufacturing business plan has the scope in selling online and delivering items at home delivery, while in residential areas sample distribution of them.
  • # Pasta making companies in India usually distributed their items in grocery stores or at wholesalers,supplier, dealers for the customers to buy.

iv). Threat

  • # Pasta and vermicelli manufacturing business has the threat from the market competition.
  • # Changing of governments rules and regulations regarding the businesses affects the profit.



The following is the marketing perspectives of the pasta and vermicelli manufacturing business:

  1. # The choosing of the smart location for the business set up is important, it can cause half of the marketing at ease. The smart place means having plenty of suppliers available with consumers.
  2. # The next perspective of the marketing is the promoting of the business, for the promotions both online and offline methods to be used. In an online method, posting of the product descriptions on the Facebook page, Instagram stories, WhatsApp status, and many other social media options. While online using the vendor options like flip kart, amazon, Snapdeal selling of the products.
  3. # In an offline way, placing of the hoarding and the pamphlets in the public places, super markets, grocery wholesale stores, and many other places.
  4. # Keeping the quality of the product manufactured at best, with the attractive offers on the pricing at the entry level. While keep the packaging of the product unique and the attractive.
  5. # Taking the feedback from the customers about the taste, quality,pricing, demand and packaging. Trying to improve form that feedback.



The following is the chain of the pasta and vermicelli manufacturing business:

# The initial stage is to finding the location of the manufacturing unit, for this finding the area which is fully equipped with all the facilities like market and wholesale suppliers nearby, machines space. If started in the household business, then setup for the machineries and adjustment of the different units.

# Then the finding of the best supplier of the raw material, which must be distributed quality goods in reasonable pricing. It is fully depending on the owner of the business, whether they demand for the readymade flour or self-flouring of the flour at own manufacturing unit. This will save the cost too.

# After this the production starts proceeding, according to the rate of the machines and the business per kg is produce. In the manufacturing process, there will be testing of the quality of the pasta and vermicelli and then they are sent to FSSAI rules and standards checking.

# The next is that they are passed to the packaging section, where all oxygen is exhausted from the sachets of the pasta and stored for the preservation purpose. Then they are properly packed in different sizes as per the demand.

# The next they are transported to the desired demand places such as markets, grocery stores, shopping malls of groceries, big community centres, food exhibitions, hotels, cafeteria etc. thus they passed to the long logistic chain of the producers, suppliers, dealers, wholesalers, retailers and finally to the customers.



# Handmade Pasta production machine=2,000-3000

# Vermicelli manufacturing machine=45,000-60,000 approx.

# Atta (flour) grinding machine=9,000-15,000 approx.

# Dough making machine=10,000-25,000 approx.



  • # Pasta manufacturing plant/unit
  • # Raw material (all types of flour, salt, oil, etc)
  • # Pasta making machine
  • # Dryer and blower
  • # Packaging tools
  • # Labours
  • # Electricity facility
  • # Transport facility

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