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Pathology Lab Business

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Diabetics, thyroid, anemia, cancer for such disease the India has become home for them. They are majorly foundin almost every next house of the Indian colony. Thus, for such disease regular testing, consulting and medication is the key. There required the regular checkup of such patients. So various types of pathology labs has been opening in India. Because of the need the pathology lab business in India is growing at such extent. So starting the pathology lab is beneficial and profitable too. Also the expenses required for such labs that doesn’t costs much.


The following are the case studies of the pathology lab business in India:

# METROPOLIS: They are the big name in Indian pathology filed. They are the globally accepted leaders in blood tests, diagnosecenter, and wellness service. They operated in India, south east Asia, Africa, middle east. They are the most trusted labs for the health. They started their service since 1980. They have the widespread global chain over the 1500 and more centers. There is availability of more than 4000 tests. They do have the facility of home blood sample collection. Because of this all the features they are the most renowned name in this field.


i) Strength

# Pathology lab business plan has the demand increasing day by day.

# Pathology lab business model can be easily started with low cost investment.

# Pathology lab business plan in India has the plenty of availability of nurses for the profession.

ii) Weakness

# Pathology lab equipment business is the risky business, as there must be cautious about the expiry of the products.

# Pathology lab business has the risk of testing the samples of the patients as reports need to be precise.

iii) Opportunities

# To increase the pathology lab business in India there would be sending the brochures to the hospitals, nearby residentials and health clubs etc.

# Providing the home service for the collection of the blood samples for the old and serious patients.

iv) Threat

# Pathology lab business has the threat from the multi specialty hospital own testing availability.

# Pathology lab business has the threat from the local market competition.


The following are the marketing plan points for the pathology lab business:

# While choosing the location for the pathology, there must not present competition to the business of the lab, but it must be near the residential area and hospital also.

# Usually pathology labs are open near the multi-specialty hospital, so as to refer by the doctor of that hospital to patients. So, if in known or contact then it is best idea to open near the hospital.

# The reports must be precise as per the guidelines of the doctor and makes the good reputation of the lab. Try to maintain it good and make the rates of the testing low so mas to affordable to all types of patients.

# The promotions to be done by sending the detailed brochure hospital to hospital, covering all nearby areas. Also, to the residentials nearby, asking them for the trust and trials for the testing.

# Registering the lab in the online platforms like Facebook, Instagram and putting WhatsApp status makes the advertisement of the business. Also registration on the B2B portals like Justdial help in getting customers, as search online.

# Arranging the discounts seminars for the public to get various tests in sale price is also the better way of growing business.


# Location for lab and testing

# Patients waiting and testing unit

# Chemicals and material for testing reports, checking

# Pathology lab technicians and nurses

# X ray, CT scan, and various testing machines

# Electricity facility with backup generator

# Fire extinguishers for safety

# Cold storage facility for medicines and samples

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