how to start phenyl manufacturing business

How To Start Phenyl Manufacturing Business

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Phenyl is the product which is used to maintain the hygienic conditions in the nearby environment whether it would be home, office, public place, washroom, toilet, drawing hall or school, college canteen. Hygiene is the most essential factor to maintain and necessary for the prevention of the diseases. With that hygiene there comes the concept of the phenyl and floor cleaner so does the phenyl has the multi used and purpose.

Thus, the phenyl manufacturing business is developing and is in much demand. mostly in rainy season due to unhygienic weather conditions and lot of chances of the diseases. Therefore starting the phenyl manufacturing business in India is beneficial and profit making venture.


The following are the case studies of the phenyl manufacturing business:

# TRISHUL HOMECARE: They have the experience of manufacturing the phenyls over the 42 years. They exist since 1977 in providing quality products for the home hygiene. They had worked with many big brands in globally reputed companies like Reliance, future group, big basket, reliance market etc. they are in the category of one of the top most brands in home hygiene.

# NIRMAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES: They established in the year 2014 as one of the fastest growing groups in India. They are specialized in the home cleaning chemical products and bulk suppliers of the same. They manufactured variety of the products and phenyl including all types.


i) Strength

# Phenyl manufacturing business in India can be set up at low capital and in less efforts.

# Phenyl manufacturing business at homecan also be affordable business used to run at profit.

ii) Weakness

# To start phenyl manufacturing business there requires the license of the using those strong chemicals products as due to governments strict policies.

# Phenyl making in India is not that tough job, but the profit earning takes time.

iii) Opportunities

# Phenyl manufacturing business can be run at online and delivering the products at home, also supplying the products to retailers, wholesalers and distributors nearby.

# Black phenyl making companies in India earns profit mostly by selling large bulk supplies to the public places like washroom, hotels, temples, theatres, malls, corporate offices etc.

iv) Threat

# Phenyl manufacturing business has the threat from the market competitors.


The following are the marketing plans for the phenyl manufacturing business:

# The marketing plan has the first objective to own or rent the suitable market nearby location for setting up the plant. Also, the place must be well equipped with the machineries and storage go-down.

# Hiring of the employees must be done under the expert guidance, as to have the honest and hardworking employees. Lot of factors depends upon the efficiency of the employees’ speed and quality work.

# While advertising the product, make sure the details to be given properly with the sample test proven. That affects more in convincing the customers.

# Do the proper promotions of the business make the pamphlets distribute to the public places, near the hotels, houses, cafeteria where there is need of the hygiene and is used.

# Keep the track of the products sell and targeted audience, target number of the sells, pricing variations and many more. Make sure about the proper packaging of the products so that outside conditions didn’t effect the activeness of the product or it may not licked.


The following are the supply chain for the phenyl manufacturing business:

# Research: Having done with the detailed market study is an essential factor needed for the smooth running of business. Also,knowledge of the selection of the proper land or place for the starting of the business is that much important, as it should be near the public market so that people can access those.

# Plan: planning of the resource availability and time of the products to get deliver in market up to profit earning. There must be detailed planned of the marketing of the business and promotional strategies.

# Resources: For the manufacturing to start there requires abundance of the supply of the raw materials and resources needed. Also, adequate supply of the materials should be delayed or cut, as it results in link breakage of the production.

# Prepare: Just after the machines are set up and raw materials are arranged, there begins the preparation of the phenyl. Manufacturing steps are followed in this process like mixing of the oil and chemicals with flavoring agents after the dilution with H2O. Then the continuous stirring for the proper concentration and finally getting that ready for the testing.

# Shipping: Testing of the final product is done to check its quality and concentrationfor the applied surfaces. Just after the finished of the testing, the packaging is done by filling them into the plastic bottles. Then they are sent for the delivery process and are shipped to markets.

# Customer: The final stage is the crossing of the logistic chain to preach the customer, thus by passing through all these the products are at the customers.


# Manufacturing unit or place

# Raw materials like chemicals like pine oil, emulsifier, flavoring agent etc.

# Stirrer, mixing machine, measuring equipment and weights.

# Water sources

# Packaging bottles and machine

# Electricity supply

# Transportation facility

# Labors

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