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Picklemaking Business

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pickles are always been a part of our Indian meal whether its seasonal or occasional made. They always complete the great Indian thali or our cultural meal, differing from state to state. Raw mango pickle is the most famous and flag ship item among all the products and mostly sold with mainly consumed also. Pickles are originally made not all over the whole year, but are made in summers and preserved for the entire. A lot of varieties are available in pickles in India like mango, carrot, chilly, jackfruit, amla, lemon, mix veggies, prawns, garlic, onion, tamarind, gherkin etc. among such varieties lot of raw material varieties are also required, but they are easily market available. As this business have lot of demand and easy to start and resolve, it is profitable to start pickle making business.


The following are the case studies of the pickle making business:

# NILONS’S: This firm was founded in 1962 by Shri Suresh is India’s one of the fastest growing proceed and packaged food corporations, with varieties of items included. Their pickles have the both the qualities with the quantity and variety is also. They have extensive range of pickles famous and distributed all around the India. The continuous efforts and the leadership over the market makes them to achieved the success in this area.

# BEDEKAR’S: This is Mumbai, Maharashtra based pickle company started by the women’s organisation or group decades ago. This brand started selling in Maharashtra first but now become almost top suppliers of the pickle in whole India, having profits in crores. This firm set up the best example of the women’s empowerment all over the country.


i). Strength

  • # Low capital investment is required to start the pickle business in India.
  • # due to the varieties are available of pickles, pickle production business in India is in much demand.
  • # Pickle making business plan is easy to operate and requires no special training.

ii). Weakness

  • # Pickle making business in India is seasonal business,as some of the vegetables and raw materials are not available whole year or not affordable.
  • # To start the pickle making business from home in India there requires a lot of maintenance and cool storage with the preservation.

iii). Opportunity

  • # Pickle production business plan has the opportunity in selling at grocery stores, malls, hotels, dhaba’s, restaurants, food mess, canteens etc.
  • # This pickle making business has the scope in arranging stalls at exhibitions, retail shops, selling door to door etc and online sales also.

iv). Threat

  • # This business has the threat from the tough competition of the market and entry to new comers are quite with hurdles.
  • # Fouling of pickle or staling of pickle damages the business reputation once found in customers review.


  • # while marketing the important step is doing the promotions of the pickle making business, for this there are various methods that is the online marketing and selling with the offline promotions.
  • # While doing the online promotions,choose the free sites for the selling the pickle that is the B2B websites like Amazon,Flipkart,Snapdeal and many more. The other grocery sites like big basket, Gofers,DMart ready etc.
  • # While the online marketing has the options has Facebook product page information of items and pickles. Creating Instagram page, WhatsApp group etc.
  • # For the pickle business, there must be varieties of the pickles available and customising of order as per the customer should be allowed. This add glaze to the business with pricing at the reasonable rate.



# In this pickle making business, the important part is the availability of the raw material,as the whole products or the pickle produce fully depend on the quality of the vegetable.

# Thus, the very crucial step is the finding the supplier of the raw material that can supply organic and chemical free vegetable for the manufacturing with the low rates. As this business requires other products also, so their supplier need to be found also.

# In this business, there is no issue of the location, as this is simple seasonal business, only few requirements need to be followed that is clean and dry space for working with cold storage for vegetables.

# After this manufacturing or making of the pickles starts and ended with the tasting flavours, quality, smell, taste, and most important packaging in different sizes.

# Thus, this packaged pickle are sent to the markets and some are left for the door to door delivery of the products for small retailers and houses. While returned or stale products are exchanged with the good products.


  • # Pickle manufacturing unit
  • # Raw material (raw vegetables like carrot, mango, chilli, amla, etc)
  • # Items required that is oil, chilli powder, black pepper, sugar etc.
  • # Vegetables cutting tools
  • # Labours/cook
  • # Packaging products like plastic/glass bottles of different sizes, sachets.
  • # Transportation facility

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