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Plant Nursery Business Ideas

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plants have always the most important element of human lives, where its naturally or by duty. But now its been converted into financially, now people started using trees or plants of the economic growth like selling fruits, flowers, rubber or now by plants. With the depletion of trees or increasing in the temperature, people are now moving towards nature and greenery, so every person wants and desire to develop garden in his backyard or at front garden, but where there is human competition arises as due to human tendency of jealousy. Due to this every individual is buying different and unique plants for their gardens and want to make it look beautiful. Thus, plant nursery business is growing so rapidly and on the point of becoming successful business.


The following are the case studies for the plant nursery business:

  • # THE HOME DEPOT: This is new innovative and unique plant nursery business which provides online and offline business at reasonable and affordable price. They not only supply plants but also fertilizers, manure, compost along with the online delivery. they also develop the online experience of ordering plants stress free.
  • # URBANSTEMS: This is also the online store which provides unique style of plants mostly for the gifting others, they also make it available only the different plants for the customers to catch and with very low pricing. They also made plants ready for your home also and make it look different all the way and do it customised bonsai for every customer without much expenses.


i) Strength

  • # This plant nursery business is easy to start and destroyed.
  • # This unique plant nursery business requires low cost to set up.
  • # No extra transportation, supply chain management requires.
  • # This business is easily start in household business also as in your backyard too.

ii) Weakness

  • # Skilled labours are required for nourishing plants.
  • # Plant nursery business cant be kept closed for more than twodays as small plants need regular supply of water and nourishment.
  • # Need to protect small plants from direct sunlight for long time and heavy rain.
  • # This plant nursery business is seasonable business in India, mostly rainy season is season of planting saplings.

iii) Opportunities

  • # During the launch of any government project or big contract of developing any land.
  • # Nowadays people usually developed big backyard at there home and construct big garden at the front of building.
  • # New opening of any commercial place or complex also requires developing of front garden to attract more customers.
  • # Nearby opening of garden gym is also the opportunity.

iv) Threats

  • # The government’s rules and regulations regarding nature.
  • # Market competition is the big threat to plant nursery business.
  • # Deforestation is also the threat to plant nursery business.

Types of plant nursery business

  1. # Retail nursery shops: the retail nursery shops are the local shops or stores that sells their sapling or plants to retailers and not in bulk to customers. These plant nursery businesses have most stores of retail nurseries and also called stretch plant nurseries. These can be started in your backyard as profitable plant nursery. starting or converting own backyard into the profitable business is good business idea with low cost expenses.
  2. # Marketable nursery: this plant nursery is the type of commercial plant nursery in which they provide customised services to the customers and in bulk amount also. This plant nurseries acts like a big firm in which lot of investments are made with proper advertising and with skill and labours. They also work on the huge government projects and contracts of tree plantation.
  • # Geography plant nursery: these are the types of businesses that are settled by only experienced one as it requires skills and deep knowledge of gardening. These types of plant nurseries also call landscape plant nurseries and offers services related gardening methods. Also available customized plants and bonsai to their customers and get them ready as per the orders.

Types of things required for plant nursery

the following are the types of things required for the starting of profitable plant nursery business:

  • # Different types of soils: this plant nursery business is totally depending upon the type of soil. The germination of seeds is also depending upon soil which is used. As many plants required mixed soil because the nutrients are fully available in it, we need to prepare it with help of different soils. There must be availability of different soils like black soil, mushy soil, red soil, sandy and clay soil, peat moss, vermiculite, compost manure etc.
  • # Pesticide, chemicals, fertilizer: as the season changes different types of diseases attacks plants, and we need to protect it from damaging the plants and stopping to eat the leaves of plants for this fertilisers and pesticides are used. There is lot of varieties of fertilizers and pesticides from organic to inorganic manure.
  • # Equipment and tools: for the beautiful display of plant nursery store the plants must be in attractive shape and proper cutting must be of them. Thus, cutting tools are the essential commodities of any nursery and gardening tools also.
  • # Skill labours: plants need proper digging of soil frequently for the sufficient supply of oxygen to roots. Also requires different manures to each plant and caring methods are also different, so the gardener must be trained in this skill and have deep knowledge about the plants.
  • # Different pots: attractive pots with colourful design and of varieties of shapes keeping in a display attracts lots of customers in plant nursery business, also if would be in sale then greater profits are on the way.
  • # Transportation vehicles: suppose in case of transporting bulk amount of plants and landscaping nursery transport vehicles requires.

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