plastic bottle manufacturing business plan

Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Business Plan

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There is abundant used of plastic in this world, with increasing number of products made of plastic. This causes higher demand for the plastics from groceries packaging, packaging, medicines, water bottles, food containers etc. this helps to grow the plastic bottle manufacturing business to grow and have higher call.

There are variety of plastic packaging available and according to purpose, use and durability needed they are used. Thus, plastic bottles are made from the higher density plastics. These bottles store liquid, juices, oils, water, soft-drinks, medicine, shampoo, milk, ink. The preferable plastic is polyethylene terephthalate (PET), due to its strongness and light weak.


The following are the case studies for the plastic bottle manufacturing business:

REYNOLDS: The Reynolds group is world wide packaging organisation based in US. These are the producers of various packaging products categories mainly in food storage plastic bottles and containers. They sell their products under the various brands name in various parts of the world. Their marketing strategy is so impressive that helps them in achieving grand success globally adding to their product franchise and not sticking to individual item manufacturers. They set their business in almost every field of packaging and the plastics and extend their overall clients and market.

RPC GROUP: RPC Group is leading company in engineering, design and manufacturing company. They extend their business in the field of plastic, packaging, construction and agricultural applications. They choose their employees very wisely and that reflects in their performance and the growth of the company. The company’s sales and market research strategies help to grow better and approach towards the customers help them in achieving high.


i) Strength

  • # The raw material required is cheaply available as due to recycling of plastic.
  • # The business can be started at low level also.
  • # No special qualifications of employees are needed.

ii) Weakness

  • # At the initial stage, the promotions of plastic bottle company are done at minor level due to shortage of reserves.
  • # The MSMEs takes time to settled down and put its grip.
  • # The manufacturing companies needs time to have capture the market and earn maximum profit.

iii) Opportunity

  • # Knowing the retailers, supplier, distributors who are in urged of manufactured plastic bottles.
  • # Contacting water supply, groceries, for the supply as they have maximum demand of plastic water bottles.

iv) Threat

  • # The major threat to this business is economic downturn.
  • # The other threat is the arrival of competitor in the same locales.
  • # As government may put some restrictions on the use of plastic or other related products due to environment concern.


  1. # Choosing location: while selecting location for the manufacturing plant be cautious that this place be suitable for the production unit. Also make sure the transportation space for loading and unloading is sufficient with proper market survey and no competitor at nearby.
  2. # Hiring employees: hire the employees that have experience in the production with some marketing experts too. Also,there must be specialized one for the sales and the production manager as these both are the big tasks.
  • # Promotions: while promoting make sure promote only you firm and not to disgrace with any other firms’ product or name. also, at time of promotions make the brochure and coverletters of the company reach to the stake holders and the stores.
  1. # Advertisements: for the advertisements use the hoarding, newspaper advertisements and also the pamphlets. by doing so people gets to know about the store and visit for the purchase.
  2. # Attractive plans:for the loyal customers and the regular clients make the exciting packages with some discounts .so that they may get stick to the business. Also, for introducing new clients planned another package.
  3. # Public relations:for the increase of the clients and the retailer the business may not lost any customers for this there is necessity of improving relations with them. Also try to make new relations in the market so that demanders have approached the business in more number.


  • # PLAN

the initial stage of any supply chain is planning that what is need of the customer and for this developing a plan.  Also, the strategy for the products and the services which satisfy the needs and the necessities of the customers. The strategy plan must yield in earning the maximum profit with the minimum expenses required.


The next process is to develop or to source in which concentration on the how to develop the good relationship and maximum contacts with the suppliers of raw material. In this activity identifying the supplier, shipping, delivery, payments are the additional processes are involved.

  • # MAKE

After the developing, the next step is the production of the material or product as per the demand of the market. In this manufacturing step some additional stages are also like designing, producing, testing, synchronizing, packaging.


the next important step is the delivering the product at the desired supplier or company or distributor. The additional persons are been added to this step of delivery up to the customer that supplier, retailer, local supplier, local retailer, and then the customer.

  • # RETURN

The last stage is the returning of damaged or defective goods by the customers to the supplier and finally to production unit. Then the customer has to deliver the undefective product inexchange of defective item and solve the customer queries.


  • # Production/manufacturing unit
  • # Labours
  • # Product/marketing manager
  • # Semi-automatic pet stretche blow moulding machine
  • # Electricity supply
  • # Transportation facility
  • # Packaging machine

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