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Plastic Products Manufacturing Business Plan

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Plastic bucket manufacturing business has the wide scope, since the use of the plastic comes to maximum. As plastic is that much durable and has the same strength and reliability that iron and aluminium have, plastic rapidly replaces both of them in almost many fields. The use of the plastic has become so common due to its light weight and portable nature, it has become the most profitable business of plastic manufacturing products. Thus, starting the plastic bucket manufacturing business is cost effective and has the success rate higher as compare to other businesses.


The following is the case studies of the plastic bucket manufacturing business:

# ACTIONWARE INDIA PVT LTD: they established in the year 1998, a reliable company at Rajkot. They have gained success in the manufacturing of the plastic bucket, mop, cleaning plastic brushes, plastic bins, plastic floor wipes and many plastic consumers products. They also manufactured the shoe and cloth plastic stands.


i). Strength

  • # Plastic bucket manufacturers in India has the advantage of setting this business as the low investment is required.
  • # Plastic bucket manufacturing companies in India is easy to start and easy to resolve.

ii). Weakness

  • # Plastic bucket manufacturing machines cost is quite high and can be not easily affordable.
  • # The governments rules on the usage of the plastic has some effect on this plastic bucket manufacturing business plan.

iii). Opportunity

  • # Plastic bucket manufacturing business has the opportunity in selling it at retailers’ shops, grocery stores, plastic products shops etc.
  • # Plastic bucket manufacturing business has the scope in selling them online and at door to door delivery of the samples.

iv). Threat

  • # This plastic bucket manufacturing business has the threat from economic down and changing of government policies.



The following is the marketing plan perspectives:

  1. # The very important step in the marketing is the doing the proper promotions, that is the using all the sources of the online and offline promotions.
  2. # For the online promotions, posting the product description on the Facebook product pages, on the Instagram tagging the business profiles and adding stories on the WhatsApp. directly mailing the customers and the clients for the aware about the plastic bucket manufacturing business.
  3. # For the offline promotions posting the hoarding and the pamphlets in the malls, complexes, community centres, bouquets halls, etc.
  4. # Maintaining the proper quality and the pricing of the product wanted to sell. The keeping regular discounts on the products specially in the festive seasons.
  5. # Become the vendor on the online shopping sites like Flip Kart, Amazon, Snapdeal, India Mart etc.



The following is the chain of the plastic bucket manufacturing business:

# The first step in chain management is the arrangement of the land or place for the production plant ands after the installing of the proper budget machinery, then finding of the supplier for the raw material.

# The supplier finds the way that must delivered all the material with the good quality and on time. The next is the production of the products that must be keep as per the rate of the production of the firm.

# As per the machine capacity of the plastic bucket manufacturing business, there must be quality checking of all the manufactured products. After the quality test there must passed the durability and the mechanical strength test.

# Just after that they are sent to the packaging section, for the packing in the plastic package with the cardboard’s boxes. As the packaging gets over, they are made ready to ship to the desired market.

# Thus, they are loaded into the truck and the reach to the market for the selling to the customers. While they passed to the logistics chain as from the wholesalers, dealers, suppliers and finally to the retailers, after they reach to the customers.



# Plastic bucket injection moulding machine=13,500/set approx.

# Vacuum autoloader= 20,000/unit approx.


  • # Location
  • # Raw material (polyethylene)
  • # Plastic bucket manufacturing machines
  • # Moulds
  • # Packaging tools
  • # Labours
  • # Electricity facility
  • # Transportation facility

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