razor blade manufacturing process

Razor Blade Manufacturing Process

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Razors are the personal hygiene and personal care tool, which is in regular use by both the men and women. As due to increase in the standard of living, the self-care attitude is increasing among people and both are aware about their hygiene. So, razors have the demand in the market and still increasing day by day. Thus, starting the razors manufacturing business is profitable and doesn’t require high investment.


The following are the case studies of the razor blade manufacturing business:

# GILLETTE: They are the American brand of the personal care products and the razors. They started in the year in 1901 as the razor manufacturers. They are among one of the reputed razor blades brand in India. Their quality assurance and product innovations makes them such a big brand in the razor manufacturers field. They are manufacturers of the both women and men razors and personal care products.


i) Strength

# Razor manufacturing business plan is easy to set up and resolve.

# Razor blade manufacturing companies earn huge profit due to increase in demand of it.

ii) Weakness

# Razor blade manufacturing companies in India need time to grow and earn profit.

# Razor blade manufacturing machine need maintenance and extra care with regular servicing.

iii) Opportunity

# Razor blade manufacturing business has the scope in barber and saloons shop, while in residential use also.

# This business of razor manufacturing business has the opportunities in selling it online and at retail stores.

iv) Threat

# This razor manufacturing business has the threat from the local market competition and economic downturn.


The following are the marketing perspectives of the razor blade making business:

# The smart marketing starts with choosing the good location for the manufacturing plant, this place needs to be at the centre of the market to access all the resources.

# Promoting the business need to be done online and offline both the way. While in case of the online do the advertisement in various online platforms like # posting product details on Facebook page.

# While in the offline mode, the promotions to be done at the various places like saloons, barber’s shop, spa, and for domestic uses.

# Posting the advertisements banners and pamphlets in the public places and near the wholesale, retail shops.

# Using the direct references and surveying the residential places for the door to door delivery.

# There wouldn’t be any compromise related to quality of the product and sales of the goods in the market. While price of the product decides by the help of the sales manger or expert by proper customer psychological factor.


The following are the supply chain principles starts of the razor blade manufacturing business:

# The supply chain starts with the selection of the place for the manufacturing unit, the place must be in the centre of the city so that easy customer can get into it and goods supply is easy too.

# Raw material arrangement is next important task needs to be done after the finalising the place. But the supplier must supply quality goods with the market value of the goods.

# Manufacturing starts with the arrangement of the raw materials is done. In the production process, the rate of production must be matched with the supply and demand of the market.

# At the time of the manufacturing process, quality testing and the other factors must be tested and then sent them to packaging unit.

# Just after the products are ready they are sent to the transportation to each the desired market for the selling. While they pass further from the logistic process of suppliers, dealers, wholesaler, retailer and to customers.


# Razor manufacturing machine=25,000-40,000 approx.


# Manufacturing unit

# Raw materials

# Razor making machine

# Packaging tools

# Electricity facility

# Labours

# Transportation facility

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