how to start safety pins manufacturing business

How To Start Safety Pins Manufacturing Business

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Safety pins are the most basic product used by the people mainly womens in day to day life. This product which is manufacture or invented by using the simple mechanical law helps to stay things at proper place. The women’s which are carrying the sarees or salwar suits or scarfs used it. Other than they are preferred to used in decoration work, stage or bouquet decoration, fixing things, accessories wearing, etc. as they manufactured in bulk and used in bulk due to small size, they do have the less pricing due to simple essential needs. Thus starting the safety pins manufacturing business is effective and can be started at low capital.


The following are the case study of the safety pins manufacturing business:

# B.D.R. products: They exist since 1971 in this field of manufacturing various products like safety pins, needles, knitting pin, crochet hook etc. they almost have the turnover of 25 crores. They are the Delhi based firm around 500 employees. Their quality and services make them to stand over all as since several decades.


i) Strength

# The safety pins manufacturing business plan is easy to setup with no extra expenses required.

# Safety pins manufacturing is profitable business, due to the basic need and daily usage product of the women.

# The production of the safety pins is easy and affordable for anyone at lower cost.

ii) Weakness

# Safety pins manufacturing business ideas takes time to grow and profit earning.

# As due to the small production business this business has less chances of expansion and less margin over the products.

iii) Opportunities

# Safety pins manufacturing business has the opportunities in selling those products to retail shops, wholesalers, vendors, distributors etc.

# Also selling those products online is the good idea and door to door selling of the products makes them to sell more.

iv) Threat

# Safety pins manufacturing business has the high competition in the nearby market places rather than the global.


The following are the marketing strategies of the safety pins manufacturing business:

# The marketing plan of the safety pins manufacturing business starts with the setting up of the location for the manufacturing work. If wanted to start in minimum cost can set up the manufacturing unit in the house-hold level also.

# The place must be well equipped with all the resources like suppliers, distributors, raw material, transportation facility as because delay led to manufacturing disturbances.

# The promotion of the business can be done with great efforts that is by distributing banners, flexes, posters and hoardings. Also use the social media for the promoting the business.

# For this make the groups of the retailers, distributors, wholesalers, customers on the social media and put the details of the pins manufacturing, sale, offers and flexibilities in the pricing.

# Take the tour of the places with the safety pins samples where they are mostly sold like beauty parlors, spas, residential houses, schools, colleges nearby places, retail cosmetics shops, etc.

# Packed them in the attractive packaging for the good impression on the clients for the top quality products and keep the pricing reasonable at the initial stages of the business.


The following are the supply chain management of the safety pins manufacturing business

# The first step in the supply chain management is the selection of the place and set up of the manufacturing process. Also, the planning of the supply needed, rate of the production, quantity supplied must be accurate. Planned market strategies are also needed to get the proper output.

# The arranging of the resources is the next step in this chain, while finding of the supplier for the raw material supply with good quality and reasonable pricing is the challenge.

# After the arranging of the raw material, the safety pins manufacturing business starts with an average speed as per the supply needed to provide in the market. Also, the production rate is balanced as per the demand of the customers.

# Thus, just production ends, all the ready material is sent for the packaging of the products to sent in the market. While those packaged products are ready to get dispatched and transported to the desired location and small shops, retailers etc. they passed through the logistic chain of the supply process.


# Manufacturing place

# Raw materials

# Machine and tools

# Electricity and transportation facility

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