shoe lace making business

Shoe Lace Making Business

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Shoe lace is the small accessory that keeps our shoe fitting proper and comfortable, also we can adjust it due to laces. As every occasion whether it may be sports competition, office meeting, running marathon, casual day out or other events, shoes are the first preference that every person prefers. So shoe laces are that much important as the shoes. Thus, starting the shoe lace manufacturing business is in demand and can be beneficial in setting up this business.


The following are the shoe lace making business in India:

# B11:  They are one of the top manufacturers of the shoe laces in India. Their design and the quality they served makes them to achieve such remarkable success in this field. They produce almost all the varieties of the shoe laces in the different patterns, colours, and the designs. Their sales and marketing team are so perfect that their marketing skills steps them to grow more bigger and capture the Indian market.


i) Strength

# Shoe lace business is essential business type and so in demand.

# Shoe lace making business is the business can be started at household level as well at big firm.

ii) Weakness

# Shoe lace business is small product business, so has the less scope of expansion.

# This business takes time to grow and capture the market.

iii) Opportunity

# Shoe lace making business needs to be sell products at online sites and door to door delivery.

# Sending the sellers to sell at wholesalers, retailer and supplier places of shoes to get more customers.

iv) Threat

# Shoe lace making business has the threat from the local competitors.


The following are the perspectives of the marketing in the shoe lace making business:

# The important step in the manufacturing business is the finding the proper place for the machineries and setup the production unit. that unit must be in the centre of the that raw material supplier easily finds it way and material loaded to market quickly.

# The promotions of the business must be done with the full honesty and hard work. While promoting there must be full information given to the fellows so that they keep on investing in the business.

# In the online promotions make the contact with the dealers and the wholesalers for the supply of the customers. Told them to refer the clients for the business and bulk order.

# Registering on the various online portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, India Mart, Alibaba, GoDaddy etc. while using the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc for the advertisements.

# There should not be any compromise done with the raw material used, as it directly related to the finished goods. Also there to keep the price of the goods low at the starting phase of the business, to gain the trust of the consumers.


The following are the principles of the supply cycle in the shoe lace making business:

# The supply chain starts with the selecting the location of the manufacturing unit, while location of the manufacturing plant must be nearby the market place. The machineries installed has the proper working output and maintenance is required.

# Just after the location is fixed, there is a need to find the raw material supplier that can supply good material in minimum pricing. There must be adequately availability of the raw material in the unit as in case of the shortage.

# Once raw material is arranged, then the production gets started in the increasing rate of the manufacturing to manage the supply of the goods. Study the market carefully before deciding the rate of the production.

# At the time of manufacturing, the products are sent to the testing section, durability and finally to the packaging unit. The packaging must be done as per the product, so that it may not get damaged or dirty while transporting.

# Just after the goods are ready to served, they are sent to the desired market to serving to customer, while some of them passes from the long logistic chain. The chain includes the wholesalers, retailers, suppliers, dealers. Then after this they reach to customers and some of the damaged or broken pieces are return back to firm.


# Shoe lace making machine= 25,000 approx.


# Manufacturing unit

# Raw material

# Shoe lace making machine and set up

# Packaging machineries

# Electricity facility

# Labours

# Transportation facility

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