software development ideas for startups

Software Development Ideas For Startups

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Software service business is now at the peak of every business. Because this business earning much profit in very short interval. As every business now days depend on the online media and the delivery, selling, buying these processes directly or indirectly linked to the online services, so for this purpose they is demand for the application development and the software build up for the easy accessing of the data, customers deals, buying selling database, their EMI installments etc.


The following are the case studies of the software service business in India:

# TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES: TCS is the big brand in India but also largest company in Asia. It was established in 1978. It has headquartered in Bombay. It is one major portion of the TATA group of companies. The way this company makes the renovation in the field of the software services is remarkable.

# WIPRO: Itis among the largest software companies in India main branch in Mumbai. It was started in 1980. The company internationally also achieved the big success in almost every field of served service.


i) Strength

# Software service business model is profitable to start due to increasing demand.

# Software service business ideas has been started at household level by setting up small working lab.

# Software service business doesn’t face the problem of technician and software developer as plenty of them available in country.

ii) Weakness

# Software service for small businesses gets quite expensive, due to their small budget and expensive services.

# Software service business takes time to grow in small areas.

iii) Opportunities

# Software service business has the opportunities in sending portfolio to tech institutes, engineering and post graduate colleges, as they needed guidance for their projects.

# This business gets clients in company contracts, small startups etc.

iv) Threat

# Software service business has the threat from the local market competition.

# Software service business has effect from economic downturn.


The following are the marketing strategies of the software service business:

# In the software service business, the service provided by the service Centre matters the most. So, the product design or the software prepare must be good without any drawbacks or lack of technological advancement.

# Try to provide the app or software as better as can be made, so that next time they preferred the only shop. But the major point is as software services are quite costly in the market, so try to keep the rates low. To get the maximum customers and the profit.

# Small businesses need the software support, as they are costlier, so they are abandoned from those. So, try to catch the small businesses and household stores by minimizing the charges.

# The other important factor in the software service development is the location of the lab must be preferred by the targeting the proper customers and the clients.

# While promoting this business, online promotions are mostly useful in this business type. As software accessing customers mostly contacts on the online media and through the social media.


# Lab for working

# Office set up for clients

# Raw materials for the design implementation

# Tools and equipment’s

# Various design and coding software (with authentication)

# Payment facility

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