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Tattoo Shop Business Plan

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After the inking of the tattoo on the body, it has become the part of our body and lasts long to our grave also. Earlier tattoos were inked only by particular community or religion people, but now with the western countries influence or fashion influencers has become the part of the normal things. Thus, with the fashion influencing, every youth demands for the tattooing his body, as though it has become the tradition of the youngsters, fashion models, sports players, etc. to show off their fashion sense. Therefore the increasing demand of this type of business can result in the profit earning, so starting the tattoo shop business is profitable.


The following are the bet case studies example of tattoo shop business in India:

# ERIC JASON D’SOUZA: He is one of the finest tattoo artists in India. His studio is best tattoo studio in India. He is 16 the time international tattoo convention winner. He started his studio in 2013in Mumbai and started travelling around the world to learn new techniques to sharpen his inking techniques. He has also featured by Google, Skoda, Buzzfeed, and GQ India in arts and expertise lifestyle.

# SUNNY BHANUSHALI: He is world famous tattoo artist from India known for his photo realistic tattoos. He has inked the tattoos mostly based on Hindu mythology and specialty of him. He also his studio situated in Mumbai, Bangalore and California.  He started the India’s first tattoo school ‘Aliens tattoo school’ which is government recognized. He is famous for inking many celebrities including the India cricketer Virat Kohli.


i) Strength

# Tattoo shop business plan can be easily set up in low cost.

# Tattoo shop business license can be easily achieved by business registration.

# Tattoo shop business requires low space and can be started by door to door delivery business too.

ii) Weakness

# Tattoo shop in business needs an expert hand while inking on the client’s body because it may harm the client’s health.

# Tattoo shop business is not essential business because it doesn’t in calculate in consumers good type.

iii) Opportunities

# Tattoo shop business card has the opportunity in the getting the clients in gym, college campus, sports club, cafeteria.

# Tattoo shop business has the scope in booking the online appointments of the customers and getting the door to door delivery service.

iv) Threat

# Tattoo shop business has the threat from the local tattoo artists studios setting up certainly.


The following are the marketing plan of the tattoo shop business:

# The marketing plan of the tattoo shop business starts with the strong promotions of the business. In the promotions make the major involvement of the youths related places and the college like areas, as because mostly they ink the tattoo.

# Try to make the advertisements to the places like spa, beauty saloon and parlor, college campus, cafeteria, hotels, movie theatre, clubs, gym, coaching classes etc. where the majority of the public visits.

# The next is the maintaining uniqueness in the studio and business, try to make something eye catching or impressive to attract the clients in group. For this making the theme matching interiors is the better option in this business.

# After the trying to put the quality service in the tattoo studio just by putting the new stock of the collection of the new design and catalogue of unique designs. Also, by the customize service by putting the ink of the customized designs to the customers.

# The door to door service for the busy clients is also the best options for getting more customers. The customers who are unable to get to the saloon has the best idea to start the online booking appointments.

# Arranging the exhibition in the low cost for the customers or stalls set up in fairs, parties, concerts, programs etc. are the best ideas for the growing of the tattoo business in India.


# Location for tattoo studio

# Tools and equipment’s

# Materials like ink

# Tattoo artist

# Electricity supply

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