tiles manufacturing business plan

Tiles Manufacturing Business Plan

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Tiles are the things that causes our homes to look beautiful and it increases our homes finishing. They have the longer life that it is not needed to replace them every year, they lasted for decades, just you have thought about the renovating the home. They required one-time investment of the setting up cost just as to keep home from mud and uneven floor. They are made from the sand limestones and many other compounds. They are applied according to the purpose like in living room fancy tiles are applied, while in bathroom and toilet non slippery tiles are used. They also available according to the area wanted to use and in different designs, shapes and also in sizes. Tiles manufacturing business are in much demand nowadays. So, it is profitable to start tiles manufacturing business.


The following are the case studies of the tiles manufacturing business:

# KAJARIA: They are one of the top manufacturers of the tiles in India. they started their firm in the year 1985. They have almost nine manufacturing unit all over India in different states of India. Their have excellent finished to their products due to their modern used of the present-day technology in manufacturing. They manufactured almost all types of tiles in different places of interior and exterior tiles too.

# SOMANY:  They started their firm before the Kajaria tiles manufacturers in 1969. They have the manufacturing facility in khadi, Kassar, and other joint venture. They have their manufacturing unit setup across the globe too. They also have the wide range of collection of the different tiles and available in all variety.


i) Strength

# Tiles manufacturing business cost is minimum, and doesn’t require much capital.

# Tiles manufacturing business plan can be started easily and has huge demand in India for this business.

# This tiles manufacturing business doesn’t require special training and lot of experience for the labours to work.

ii) Weakness

# Tiles manufacturing companies in India needs time to grow the market and own the profit.

# Tiles manufacturing business has the risk while working in the factory for the labours due to risky machines.

iii) Opportunity

# Ceramic tiles manufacturing business has the scope in selling at the wholesale shops, hardware home accessories shops, construction sites, new home construction.

# Roof tiles manufacturing business gets sold mostly in the rural areas, whereas small retail shops and also the renovation of home.

iv) Threat

# This tiles manufacturing business has the threat from the market competition.

# Tiles manufacturing business affects from the economic downturn.


The following are the marketing perspectives of the tiles manufacturing business:

# Promoting the business is the important step in marketing. While doing promotions try to communicate maximum information about the product manufactured to the customers.

# In the promotions, make the use of the social media for the advertising of the products produce in which use the popular social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. While online B2B sites like India Mart, Alibaba, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon etc.

# In the offline promotions of the business, make the advertisements in the public places, new residential areas, and construction sites.

# The proper location of the business set up is also the another important in the marketing. The location must be near to the wholesale market and raw material supplier.

# While use the references of the known people in finding the customers and increasing the sell of the products.


The following is the chain of the tiles manufacturing business:

# The first step in any supply management is the set up of the manufacturing unit, in the proper atmosphere having all the facilities like transportation, supplier, raw material, electricity, water nearby.

# Finding the raw material dealer is that much important process, which can supply on time with no extra charges. While raw material should not be poor quality as the goods produce directly results in the quality of the material used.

# Thus, after the collection of he raw material, production process starts with the particular rate of production concise with the demand and supply of the products.

# After the manufacturing is over they are proceed for the testing, durability test, standard matching and the strength of the tiles. After onwards are sent to the packaging of the tiles in the other unit.

# Once the product is ready to serve, they are sent to the wholesale market and further passes through the logistic chain of the wholesalers, suppliers, retailers, dealers and finally to last to customer.


# Vibrator forming machine= 65,000 approx.

# Tiles making machines= 50,000 approx.

# Pan mixer = 55,000 approx.

# Cone colour mixer=30,000 approx.


# Tiles manufacturing unit

# raw material

# Tiles making machine

# Colour mixing machine

# Electricity supply

# Transportation facility

# Labours

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