tissue paper manufacturing business plan

Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business Plan

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Tissue paper is the most basic thing we wonder in our daily routine.It helps in normal day to day activities by playing useful role just like from getting breakfast to having dinner.In fact in our office lunchbox, to washing hands, removing makeup, cleaning mess of kitchen, toilet rolls, paper napkin everywhere they are needed. Thus tissue paper have the vital role in the busy routine life and they are best replacement of dirty napkins, sweaty handkerchief, home pochcha, as they are just use it and throw away. So, tissue industries are in demand due to use of the tissue more by the customers and market demand.

Tissues are basically lightweight paper having look like a crepe paper which has single use only. They are manufactured buy recycled paper pulp by heating through dry steamed cylinder and later passes through various processes of water absorption, adhesive sticks to it and many more. There are various varieties of tissue available as per their use and purpose.


The following are the case studies for the paper hygiene industry:

  • # PUDUMJEE HYGIENE PRODUCTS LTD:They are India’s largest tissue producer with global market capture with several countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Iran. The firm started in 2000, they have their plant set up in Pune,in the last 40 years. Their long-term objective and future planning goals helps them to achieve big having clear motto of target. The firm makes the availability of different products and not stopping at limited tissue business but keep it on expanding to all home development products with hygiene.
  • # S.G. INTERNATIONAL: This is the Gujarat firm having Ahmedabad as the head office. They are the distributors of almost every type of hygiene paper distributor including paper napkins, toilet paper and toilet roll, tissue paper. They guarantee their products of eco-friendly environment. They are putting efforts of not including plastic in our lives as due to nature conservation. The reason behind success of this firm is their continuous efforts towards the making of organisation eco friendly products and capturing market. They make sure the customer satisfaction at their peak of the duty.


i) Strength

  • # Paper demand goes on growing rapidly.
  • # Can be started at MSME level.
  • # Produced by recycled paper pulp so it is eco-friendly.

ii) Weakness

  • # Facing heavy shortage of raw materials.
  • # Limited expansion.
  • # Transportation cost is high.

iii) Opportunity

  • # Contacting local restaurants, saloons, beauty parlour and spas, cafes, malls, hotels, commercial places etc as they used and buy in bulk.
  • # Doing the partnership with the vendors and the retailers for the supply.

iv) Threat

  • # Effects on the protection due to environmental burden.
  • # High competition with the local manufacturers and retailers.
  • # Losses from economic downturn.


The following are the marketing strategies for the business:

  • # The first step for any business to start at good earning is selecting proper location, that it must be free from any competition with transportation facility at bay. At the location, there must be adequate supply of raw materials and suppliers.
  • # Before entering into the market make the detailed study of market and the customers need. The points to cover are maximum of demand of which paper, rate of production needed, raw material suppliers, other manufacturers strategies, supply chain, and many more factors essentials.
  • # The main role in marketing played by promotions that is must be done by effective ways of social media, use the social media product profile and pages for doing the promotions, write blogs on the them, make special groups for the specific products and launching of any new item.
  • # Make the hoarding, banners, pamphlets distributed and attached to all public places, vendors, retailers, distributors, wholesalers.
  • # Distribute pamphlets and portfolio of work to all bulk using customers that is restaurants, saloons, beauty parlour, bakeries, café, commercial places, malls etc as they are the customers who spends lot on using services of tissues.
  • # Make the pricing strategy effective as to attract maximum clients. Put the sale and discounts on the newly launched products ,also for the regular clients.


  • # Tissue paper manufacturing machine
  • # Packaging machine
  • # Raw material like roll, colour needed logo, paper essentials
  • # Chemicals needed for skin care tissue manufacturing like cotton facial pads, facial wipes, body wipes, wet tissue and many more
  • # Packaging stuffs
  • # Employees /labours
  • # Electricity supply
  • # Transportation facility

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