Top 10 Most Successful Business to Start

Top 10 Most Successful Business To Start

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Are you planning to open a new business but are confused about which business will probably suit you the best and give you high returns. Do not worry here is the list of the top 10 small business ideas which can give you a certain path. Before knowing all the top 10 business in India you should know the fact that every business has some pros and cons. It is you who have to work hard and with a proper strategy to make your venture successful.

Handy Man Services

If you feel pleasure in fixing the things of your house you can become a professional handyman and make your hobby a business. Later you can recruit more people and spread your market. The business can be started with little investment and will surely fetch you higher returns and this is why it is one of the best top 10 small business ideas.

 Mobile Store/ Repair and Accessories

These days as we all know that smartphones are increasingly gaining importance. People do love to buy the latest phone now and then. Opening a mobile store will surely fetch you higher returns. The venture may costly but returns are guaranteed. You can add a repair section and accessories section to further attract your customers.

#Tiffin/Meal Center

It is also one of the proven and successful of all the top 10 small business ideas. Many people leave their homes and work in other cities and are often looking for a place to get home-cooked food on regular basis. Opening such Tiffin and meal center will surely attract them and the business can be started with affordable amount.

 Online Business

If you love to surf the internet and are tech-savvy you may have a lot of opportunities to generate income from this. Freelance content writer, blogging, data entry, website designing, and many more options are available for you. You can select anyone from them and can start your freelancing work. You can even visit the top 10 online business lists to select the best option. All you need is a decent computer and a stable internet connection to start this work.

Baby Sitting

If you are fond of kids you can choose this business. Most of the parents are tensed in leaving their baby unattended when they have to leave them for their work. Opening childcare or babysitting center will surely attract them.

#Aquarium and Fish Shops

People love to keep beautiful fishes in their houses. These days there is a trend of keeping fishes and they have become popular pets. The business can easily be started with low investment and keeping accessories such as fish pumps, foods, artificial fancy items will increase your profit. Some top 10 most successful business to start also includes-

  • Nursery and Gardening products
  • Drop shipping
  • Jams, pickles manufacturing
  • Pet care
  • Parlor
  • Rental Dresses
  • Bakery
  • Travel Services, and many more


I hope that now you are well aware of the top 10 small business ideas. Remember that you have to select your business according to your interest and skills for its successful growth.

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